The Peak of Resilience

With dual blows from climate change and the pandemic, mountain resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina are turning to summer visitors for climate-resilient sustainable growth  

Transitioning to renewables

Ribnik je u planinskom kraju, drvo je naše bogatstvo. Mnogo javnih ustanova ga i dalje koristi. Ono nam je poznato i pristupačno. Kada su nam rekli da prelazimo na pelet, mislila sam da ćemo se teško…  

Museum renovation leads to rediscovery of forgotten exhibition

After being closed for 30 years, the prehistoric exhibition will once again shine in early October, offering evidence and records of a distant past.  

Changing what we eat to help the planet

Young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina are showing how it is possible to effect change to help the environment.  

Return to nature

The global challenges facing the world, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, jeopardized peace and justice, are covered in the Agenda 2030, the importance of which…  

Lights finally on in Skočo family's remote village home

In a sun-filled village, solar panels on a house to provide power throughout the year.  

Choosing peaches over apples

As more intense, more frequent droughts occur in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s inland regions one fruit grower is adjusting by turning to a Mediterranean crop  

Proper use of chemicals leads to healthy fruit and vegetables in nutrition

Proper use of permitted chemicals is the key to ensuring healthy environment and a high quality of fruit and vegetables as a vital part of good nutrition.  

True Value

Taking action to improve water security, farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina manage water as a precious resource  

Healthy Ageing: Creative socializing and happy hours instead of social isolation

Whilst undertaking precautionary measures and abiding by the health recommendations, the Centre for Healthy Ageing in the Novi Grad Municipality of Sarajevo has become a place where hundreds of the…  

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