Procurement Methods

UNDP Procurement is based on competitive bidding. Depending on the type, complexity, size and value of the project and its procurement elements, commonly used methods of solicitation include:



An RFQ is an informal invitation to submit a quotation, usually for goods/services/civil works at a value of between USD2,500 and USD100,000. Prices, and other commercial terms and conditions are requested and an award is given to the lowest-priced, technically-acceptable offer.


An ITB is a formal invitation to submit a bid, usually associated with requirements that are clearly and concisely defined, with an estimated procurement value of USD100,000 or more. Normally price is the sole determinant in making an award. Where all technical criteria are met, an award is given to the lowest bidder.


An RFP is a formal request to submit a proposal, usually associated with requirements for services that cannot be clearly or concisely defined, with an estimated procurement value of USD100,000 or more. Price is only one of several factors comprising the evaluation criteria. An award is given to the qualified bidder whose bid substantially conforms to the requirements set forth on the solicitation documents and is evaluated to have the lowest cost for UNDP.

In some cases, exceptions to competitive bidding are made and direct contracting is used. This usually happens when a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) is in place, either globally (IAPSO or HQ) or locally (at country office level).

For values less than USD2,500 country offices may engage in local shopping.


Evaluation of Offers

Depending on the procurement method, different factors are used in the evaluation process.

When evaluating RFQs and ITBs, the price is the most important element. In contrast to this, an RFP requires a technical evaluation. The technical component primarily determines whether the proposal will be accepted or declined. Additionally, UNDP evaluates its products and services based on the following criteria:



  • Meet technical specifications
  • Delivery
  • Environmentally sound
  • Quality Assurance
  • Accuracy of documentation
  • Speed of response
  • Customer service



  • Provides Technical Solutions
  • Competency


Conditions of Contract

In order to be a future supplier for the United Nations Development Programme, contractors must accept UNDP’s General Terms and Conditions.

For more information visit:

UNDP Policy against Fraud and other Corrupt Practices

More on UNDP Procurement procedures




Important Announcement


We are pleased to inform that UNDP is about to introduce on-line tendering system. eTendering, will be mandatory as of 01 September 2019 for the on-line management of all international competitive procurement valued USD 150,000 and above.

eTendering system is designed to facilitate the UNDP tender processes through online interaction. This system aims to enhance integrity and transparency of the tender processes and also enables streamlining of the procurement process: Bidders will use eTendering to register themselves, submit their bids, view solicitation documents and receive automatic notifications from the system whenever an event has been modified.

eTendering system addresses UNDP’s fundamental procurement values- fairness, integrity, transparency and accountability.

Some of the main benefits of eTendering system are:

✓ Electronic sealed bids: eTendering system encrypts bids submitted in the system and does not allow anyone to view any submitted information/data before the bidding deadline;

✓ Electronic stamping of the bids: The system stamps all information submitted by bidders and prevents anyone from altering, deleting or adding anything to the bid after the deadline for submission;

✓ No late submissions accepted: The system will automatically not accept any bid after the deadline;

✓ Streamlines the bidding process: Bidders will register in the system, retrieve all information and solicitation documents and receive automatic notifications on certain stages of the procurement process. Bidders will also submit their bid online, edit it directly in the system, and receive automatic notifications once the evaluation is finalized and the contract is awarded;

✓ Provides an audit trail: As the eTendering system records all activity in the system, it keeps an audit trail for increased accountability and transparency.


Training/s for utilization of the eTendering system for bidders will be organized shortly and their schedule will be timely announced on the UNDP BiH website.

Before attending a training session, bidders are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the eTendering system by reviewing the guides/videos available on public UNDP Webpage   

For any questions regarding the above, please contact UNDP BiH General Services Unit at

Procurement notices


List of contract awards 2020 (above US$ 100,000)

Short Description (Title) of Procurement Action



Vendor Name



Amount of Contract, US$

BIH-RFQ 222-19 Construction of 7 houses and rehabilitation of 1 house in Bijeljina Prizma d.o.o, Bijeljina 120,582
BiH-RFQ-225-19-Construction of 4 houses and rehabilitation of 4 houses in Gradacac and Gracanica Rasimgradnja d.o.o, Gradacac 120,052
ITB-BIH-024-19 Construction of Water-tower COSICPROMEX DOO 245,010
BIH-RFQ 005-20 Construction of 4 houses in Zavidovici and rehabilitation of 2 housing units in Kakanj Seta inženjering d.o.o, Zavidovići 107,078
ITB-BIH-001-20 Supply and delivery of minibuses SEJARI DOO 731,705
Purchase of ventilators Sono Medical Sarajevo 181,135
Supply and delivery of COVID-19 PCR test CUBICUS DOO 114,294
Supply and Delivery of COVID-19 testing kits CEE MED doo 101,852
Purchase of ventilators Proma d.o.o. 426,637
ITB 004-20 Supply and delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Medical Equipment required for COVID-2019, LOT 1, ITEM 1. ITEM 1 Consortium Prevent Safety, Sanitex d.d. and Danial`s 451,467
Supply and Delivery of COVID-19 testing kits CEE MED doo 334,582
ITB 004-20 Supply and delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Medical Equipment required for COVID-2019, LOT 1, Items 2 and 3 SHOT doo 406,321
ITB 004-20 Supply and delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Medical Equipment required for COVID-2019, LOT 1, ITEM 4. ITEM 4 Medipex doo, BiH 210,553
Purchase of Mobile X-ray machines Medical d.o.o 253,950
Purchase of 30 ventilators INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY SYSTEM – ZDRAVA SREDINA d.o.o. 1,125,828
BIH-RFP-008-20 PCB Site and remediation assessment DEKONTA, a.s. 222,770
RFP-003-20 - Development of Study on improvement of energy efficiency in 1,368 households used by people in social need in the Sarajevo Canton Joint venture led by Enova d.o.o. Sarajevo 112,619
RFQ-009-20 - EE rehabilitation (mechanical works) in two primary schools in FBiH LOT 1 - Joint venture led by E+E+E-Energy d.o.o. Sarajevo 122,566
Procurement of Personal protective equipment (PPE) Zefarm 203,997
BIH-RFQ-026-20 Reconstruction of summer dyke "Kopanice" on Sava River. KESO GRADNJA d.o.o. 111,288
Purchase of CT Medit d.o.o. 192,461
Supply and delivery of FFP2 and FFP3 Particulate Respirators – COVID19 Danial's doo 125,000
Supply and delivery of Medical Personal Protective Gowns Panta Rei d.o.o 122,852
BIH-RFP-002-20 LTA for Air Tickets Services MIROSS Travel Agency 147,000
NEBO TOURS 147,000
Purchase of ventilators Sedžan d.o.o. 943,952
GED, RFQ-048-20. Supply and delivery of 3D printers, 3D scanner and other equipment, to Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Tuzla,  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Banja Luka. Energoterm d.o.o. Brod (15 out of 16 items) 123,946
Purchase of 9 anesthesia machines Proma d.o.o. 424,528
BIH/ITB/003/20, Construction of 8 houses in Lopare, LOT 1 Vinković d.o.o, Oštra Luka Orašje- LOT 1 162,213
BIH-ITB-005-20 Installation of LED public lights in Banja Luka Joint venture Nexen d.o.o. Banja Luka and DeskInzinjering d.o.o. Banja Luka 187,170
ITB-007-20 Works on building Jezeva kucica Rasimgradnja d.o.o. Gradacac 141,935
 Purchasing 6 portable x-ray machines  Medical d.o.o. Mostar - Item 1 482,797
RFP 009-20 Performance of Energy Management Trainings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Energy Management Trainings for 655 participants (FBiH and Republika Srpska)– LOT 1 NLOGIC Sarajevo & HRVOJE POZAR Energy Institute Croatia & PROVING Ltd Sarajevo & ENECO ekoloski sistemi Bijeljina CONSORTIUM LOT 1 110,061
Purchase of ultrasound machines Medical d.o.o. 313,770
Purchasing of one floor mounted w-ray machine for Sarajevo ER Broma Bel d.o.o 151,251
Development of Study on economic impact of climate change on energy and agriculture sector in the Vrbas River Basin. Consortium: Zavod za vodoprivredu Bijeljina, BiH; Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering Beograd, Srbija. 116,781
The establishment of database/registry that contain ozone depleting substances (ODS) Enova 173,608
BIH-ITB-012-20 Supply and delivery of PPE Oktal Pharma -Item 1 192,371
Oktal Pharma -Item 3 151,565
ITB-010-20 Construction Works, Construction works on the Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Consortium Unigradnja d.d. Sarajevo, Interclima d.o.o Sarajevo and  Electra d.o.o Sarajevo 1,871,769
ITB-015-20 Mechanical works on public buildings in KS and USK LOT 4 - JV E+E+E-Energy doo Sarajevo and Inter-metal doo Banja Luka 104,910
ITB 014-20 Disposal of ammunition Esplodenti Sabino S.r.I. 173,835
ITB-BIH-018-20-COVID Patients Ventilators Sono Medical d.o.o 447,845
ITB/013/20 It equipment RiS doo Sarajevo 104,844
BIH-ITB-017-20 Metering equipment JV Electra doo & VMS Group doo & Clima-trade doo 284,543
RFP-BIH-019-20 Strategy AQ SC Consortium Ceteor d.o.o. Sarajevo & E3 d.o.o. Sarajevo 241,571
BIH-ITB-024-20 Covid Isolatorium works Consortium: Sela d.o.o Sarajevo, Deling d.o.o Tuzla, E+E+E Energy d.o.o Sarajevo and Hydro Control d.o.o Sarajevo 550,673
ITB-BIH/020/20 - EE reconstruction of 15 public buildings LOT 1 - Consortium E+E+E-Energy doo & Intermetal doo & GTO doo & Instalater doo & ThermoBH doo 204,403
LOT 2 - Consortium E+E+E-Energy doo & Intermetal doo & GTO doo & Instalater doo & ThermoBH doo 150,729
LOT 4 - Consortium E+E+E-Energy doo & Intermetal doo & GTO doo & Instalater doo & ThermoBH doo 234,502
LOT 6 - Rasimgradnja doo Gradacac 281,197
RFQ/126/20 Rehabilitation of facility No. 9 at Training and Doctrine Center in Travnik of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Defence. Visak d.o.o. Mostar 130,896
RFP-023-20 Drafting of legislation acts and trainings to implement the Stockholm Convention in BIH Ceteor Ltd. Sarajevo 280,033
ITB-028-20- Mechanical and Civil Works GTR doo Mostar 292,475
RFQ/167/20 Supply and Delivery of COVID-19 RNA extraction kits for the RS PHI BROMA BEL d.o.o. Banja Luka 117,953
ITB-025-20 Vinkovic d.o.o Ostra Luka, Orasje- LOT 2 107,400
Supply and Delivery of RT PCR tests for PHI RS and Canton Sarajevo CEE MED; Sarajevo 176,665
BIH-ITB-022-20 Road recon ammunition storage site STRABAG d.o.o. Sarajevo 257,997
Supply and delivery of Favipiravir medicine for hospitals and health centers in Sarajevo Canton LICENTIS DOO 173,939
ITB/033/20 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Real Time PCR AND EXTRACTORS BIOSISTEMI-ITEM1 226,479
BIH-ITB-016-20 equipment for detection of weapons Agencija Kamir d.o.o. Siroki Brijeg 113,778
Fercom Systems Kft 130,080
ITB/035/20 Supply and Delivery of Real Time PCR Detection Kit SARS CoV-2 for Canton Sarajevo CEE MED doo 298,799
RFQ/194/20 Supply and delivery of Two Portable X-ray units "Medical" d.o.o. Mostar 170,571
ITB/034/20 Supply and Delivery of RT PCR tests, RNA Extractions and Swabs BROMA BEL d.o.o. ITEM 3 153,127
CEE MED; Sarajevo-ITEM 2 129,730
BIH-RFQ-183-20-Construction of 7 houses in four municipalities Progres d.o.o Bratunac LOT 1 130,843
RFQ-197-20 - Civil works - EE reconstruction of one public buildings in Modrica Consortium Tehnogradnja doo Foca & Konstruktor Inzenjering doo Bileca 140,586

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