The EU4Business project, funded by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, under which UNDP implements activities related to agriculture, food production and rural development, in July 2019 launched the call for engagement of potential responsible parties of investment projects for support measure in processing capacities and marketing of agri-food products.

A total of 32 project proposals have been submitted. The Evaluation Commission evaluated the project proposals and selected the 11 most promising ones.

Consequently, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) from Livno, Ljubinje, Prnjavor, Čelić, Visoko, Zenica, Čitluk, Trebinje, Travnik, Čelinac will have the opportunity to work on modernizing their production, strengthening their productive competitiveness by introducing new technologies and innovations in the processing of agricultural and food products, increasing the productivity of processing entities, improving product quality, hygiene and food safety, introducing good practices in natural resource management and environmental protection, as well as creating new market opportunities.

MSMEs, cooperatives, and other economic entities engaged in food processing and production of fruits, vegetables, grapes, grains and oil plants as well as meat and milk production were eligible to apply to the public call.

Total value of investments for 11 projects amounts 5,775,550 BAM, out of which the EU will finance 2,503,148 BAM, while the beneficiaries will provide additional financing in the amount of 3,272,402 BAM.

EU4Business project will announce one more public call to support agricultural producers through implementation of local development strategies.


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