New UNDP project in the field of environment and energy efficiency is announced

Feb 13, 2017

UNDP Energy and Environment Sector on Monday, 13 February presented a draft project document "Catalyzing Environmental Finance for Low-carbon Urban Development" supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) .

The project is supporting responsible institutions in strengthening and consistent implementation of legislative and strategic frameworks and promotion of concept on low-carbon urban development as tool for achieving environmental protection and increasing energy efficiency of public buildings and urban infrastructure in BiH. The project objective is to invest in launching the concept of low-carbon urban development in BiH by promoting safer, cleaner and healthier cities and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Consultations with relevant institutions are included in the  concept of this Project, which focuses on mitigation of climate change in urban areas, especially in the field of energy efficiency and energy management, waste management and transport, as well as on the efforts of harmonization of environmental markets in BiH.

During the presentation of the project, focus was given to the modes of cooperation, as inevitable element of project implementation, both between project and different governmental levels in BiH and with donor agencies.

“Relying on the positive results of successful cooperation with UNDP Country office in BiH, Ministry of foreign trade and economic relations of BiH gave full support for the implementation of this project. I am convinced in positive results of this project when it comes to the environmental protection through promotion of safer, cleaner and healthier cities and reducing greenhouse gases emissions in BiH”, stated Admir Softić, assistant minister for energy within Ministry of foreign trade and economic relations of BiH.

The following four components of the project were presented and discussed in details:

  •     Innovative financing mechanism for low-carbon urban development (LCUD)
  •     Low-carbon public buildings and utilities
  •     Low-carbon waste management and logistics
  •     Policies and regulations to promote best low-carbon practices and technologies in urban environment

In cooperation with responsible ministries and other public institutions, UNDP project implementation team has developed the project document, which will be delivered to the GEF on further procedure. It is planned that project will last from December 2017 until 2022.


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