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COVID-19 pandemic

UNDP is working with its partners to combat the spread of the disease and to support the most affected countries where health systems are weakest and…

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Preliminary list - Via Dinarica public call

Available in BCS only  

New jobs and quality domestic products are just some of the results of EU4Business project

Thanks to the support they received through EU4Business project funded by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, the Visoko-based Očuz Company hired new staff, improved product…  

ReLOaD newsletter: More than just figures

Close to 500 civil society initiatives implemented in 53 local communities across the Western Balkans – these figures illustrate the results of the Regional Programme on Local Democracy in the Western…  

ReLOaD: Transparency and Openness for Better Results

Transparent financing and increased allocations for the civil society organizations and interaction in communication with citizens and the civil society are just some criteria on the basis of which…  

Statement on recent media coverage

Statement on recent media coverage  

The Swedish Ambassador presented first annual sustainability report to BiH company

The reports were created based on the applications of these companies for the SDG Business Pioneers Award 2020  

Mobile Application GoGreen: Sarajevo’s Secondary School Students Design First Mobile Application for Selective Garbage Disposal

GoGreen is the first mobile application in Bosnia and Herzegovina that locates green islands, connects citizens with the authorities, educate young people and scans waste. It is available in 14…  

The wellbeing of both people and planet need to be central to defining humanity's progress

UNDP's Human Development Report 'The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene' presented  

Climate Action Cannot Wait in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Together for Our Planet!

Marking 5th anniversary the Paris Agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Years long dream came true thanks to the assistance of EU4Business project

Cow, sheep and goat milk from pastures in Herzegovina is a valuable ingredient in cheeses that the Puđa family of Livno has been producing for decades, based on traditional recipe. Thanks to the…  

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