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COVID-19 Response

Integrated response to COVID-19

UNDP is working with its partners to combat the spread of the disease and to support the most affected countries where health systems are weakest and…

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Workshops for young people as a chance to lay foundation for future successful people

Workshops in youth centres and volunteering organisations provide opportunities such as informal education and acquiring the first working experience.  

National Human Development Report 2020 Presented

The Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Nations Development Programme in BiH presented the National Human Development Report 2020 "Social Inclusion in Bosnia and…  

Bosnia and Herzegovina releases new climate pledge under Paris Agreement

Updated pledge will significantly ramp up action to limit climate change  

Creating new jobs: EU4Business supports ambitions of entrepreneurs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thirty-five small and medium-sized agri-food producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina were supported through EU4Business project, financed by European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany,…  

Despite the pandemic: The SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH grows in 2021

The number of private sector companies that applied for the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BIH increased in 2021!  

SDG Framework adopted: Key document for BiH's path towards the Agenda 2030

In September 2015 Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with 192 United Nations Member States, committed to implement Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030), which consists of 17 Sustainable…  

Proper use of chemicals leads to healthy fruit and vegetables in nutrition

Proper use of permitted chemicals is the key to ensuring healthy environment and a high quality of fruit and vegetables as a vital part of good nutrition.  

A sports club from Bijeljina wants to provide every child in the town with the opportunity to play handball

From July to October 2020, handball club Bijeljina targeted its activities on children from socially vulnerable families through organising trainings and tournaments, connecting them with other…  

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