Social Inclusion and Democratic Governance

The Social Inclusion and Governance Sector assists BiH central, entity and local governments to achieve higher standards of governance effectiveness through better planning, budgeting, provision of public goods to citizens and accountability. By tackling these challenges UNDP influences the policy level, which affects the lives of ordinary citizens and particularly the most vulnerable groups. Through the implementation of more inclusive citizen-centred policies and legislation related to EU accession, the Sector provides support to activities targeting socially excluded groups in rural communities, refugees and IDPs, disabled people, the elderly, Roma, and people living with HIV and tuberculosis. Democratic governance is mainstreamed through the activities of the Social Inclusion and Democratic Governance Sector and is mainly focused on local governance, inclusive citizen-centered policies and legislation related to EU accession. In-Depth

Our Goals

Measurable contributions to poverty reduction are routinely a feature of Rural and Regional Development Sector activities, where the poorest and most-disadvantaged groups are primarily targeted for support through improved municipal service provision, employment, income generation and business development, by establishing supply chains and access to markets, improving local infrastructure and through energy and environmental activities. In addition, social inclusion and governance concepts are mainstreamed through the activities of all four thematic sectors. Our Goals

100 projects implemented and improved quality of life for 100,000 citizens

More than 200 local community forums held, 76 infrastructure projects and 34 social inclusion projects, 125 premises of local communities modernised, seven social centres opened, and countless trainings for local community representatives are but few deliverables of the project Strengthening the Role of Local Communities/Mjesne Zajednice (MZs) in BiH. During only one year of its implementation, the project had an impact on the quality of life of more than 100,000 citizens in BiH, of which 40,000 women.more

Our Stories

Meeting on the topic of networking of local communities and the exchange of good practices
Citizens' activism - the key to success of local communities

The success of local communities depends on the activism and commitment of citizens in the realization of the needs for the development of local communities, whichmore 

A Thematic Session held to mark the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia
Being LGBTI in BiH – Equal Rights for All

Human rights must be respected in Bosnia and Herzegovina without exception and without discrimination and hence every citizen, regardless of the population he/she belongs to, mustmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Strengthening the Role of Local Communities/Mjesne zajednice (MZs) in BiH

    The overall project objective is to improve the quality of life of the citizens of BiH through bolstering local services, increasing governmental accountability, and promoting social inclusion. The project’s purpose is to foster citizen participation in municipal decision making, in the ensured provision of quality services by the municipality, and in the implementation of local development activities, by underlining the democratic role of MZs in BiH.more 

  • Scaling up Universal Access for Most at Risk Populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (HIV/AIDS Round 9)

    The project is comprised of targeted actions to prevent transmission to the populations most at risk, and to provide treatment, care and support of existing patients. more 

  • The project aims to strengthen the evidence base, develop “Being LGBTI in …. “ reports in all four selected countries, develop advocacy approaches and instruments in national languages, and convene dialogues that bring together national decision makers from the executive, legislative and judiciary branches with LGBTI civil society organizations, their allies and other stakeholders. The project ultimately aims to reduce inequalities and exclusion experienced by LGBTI people. more 

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