Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP)

Function of the project

 Shaping up the vision on the future strategic planning system in the entity of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and HerzegovinaShaping the vision for the future strategic planning system in the entity of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP), is a joint project of the Government of Switzerland and UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) launched in 2008, with the aim to harmonise integrated and inclusive strategic planning at the local level. Through its previous two phases, ILDP made significant contributions in the standardisation of planning and development management approaches at the local level and supported 40 local governments country-wide in designing and implementing their development strategies. The planning approach was replicated at the cantonal level and all of 10 cantons where were assisted in designing their integrated development strategies. Furthermore, the Project helped the creation of foundations for the establishment of strategic planning systems at the entity level, including financing mechanisms which provide targeted support to the implementation of local development priorities country-wide. Within the scope of its consolidation phase, ILDP seeks to scale up and consolidate creation of knowledge and systems which were initiated back in 2008.

ILDP is implemented in partnership with the Government of Switzerland,  Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Ministry of Justice of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), Ministry for Administration and Local Self-Governance of the Republika Srpska (RS), Associations of Cities and Municipalities in FBiH and RS, and partner local governments.

What we do

 Improvement of educational facilities in rural areas in Municipality of Doboj Istok.Improvement of educational facilities in rural areas in Municipality of Doboj Istok.

ILDP assists its domestic partners to affirm the functional development planning and management systems at the sub-national levels, which reinforce efficient delivery of the public policies and thus contribute to better development results. The entity public financing mechanisms, established with the support of the project, will reinforce the efforts of the system, ensure vertical connectivity between higher-government levels public funds and local priorities, and contribute to improved local services, livelihoods and quality of life. In its third, consolidation phase, ILDP will support 30 local and 10 cantonal governments to strengthen their capacities to address the needs of citizens effectively and accelerate the growth through inclusive, accountable and result-oriented development planning and management systems.

ILDP provide assistance to a wide range of domestic partners at the sub-national (entities, cantons, and Brčko District) and local level to affirm a functional development planning and management as per three main outcomes:
1.    Outcome 1: Lead planning structures at entity level steer the development planning and management systems characterised by vertical and horizontal coordination and greater accountability towards the citizens;
2.    Outcome 2: Local and cantonal governments effectively address the needs of citizens and accelerate growth through inclusive development planning and management;
3.    Outcome 3: Citizens and socio-economic partners take pro-active parts in development management and benefit from improved public services.

Success thus far

  •  For nearly 8 years, ILDP has been supporting harmonization of sub-national strategic planning and development management, and paving the way for an overall coherent strategic planning and development management system in BiH;
  • The project supported the design of a standardized methodological approach to development planning at the local level, which resulted in over 50% local governments country-wide having their development strategies prepared in an integrated manner. Planning processes were guided by the principles of sustainable development and social inclusion;
  • In 40 municipalities and cities across the country, ILDP significantly contributed to introducing a systemic development management approach at the local level which resulted in local development strategies being key platforms for preparation of budgets and investments of local governments;
  •  The approach to development planning and management at the local level has been subsequently transferred to the cantonal level in the entity of FBiH; all of 10 cantons have adopted their development strategies designed in an inclusive and participatory manner, involving their constituent local governments;
  • ILDP paved the way for emerging development planning and management regulatory frameworks in both entities. In particular, in the entity of FBiH, the project supported its partners in the participatory design of the Law on Development Planning and Management, which establishes the overall strategic planning and development management system in this entity. The law was adopted in early 2017. Similar support has been offered to the partners in the entity of RS;
  • ILDP supported the establishment of the entity local development financing mechanisms, as public financing tools, to reinforce vertical coherence of public policies across government levels and support a top-down implementation of priorities as defined in local strategies;
  • Since their setting in 2014, both financing mechanisms allocated over USD 3,5 million for 44 local development projects on a competitive basis, which improved quality of administrative, health, education and communal services for over 103,000 citizens (including 17,062 from socially excluded groups), contributed to better livelihoods for more than 2,400 people and helped creating 529 new jobs. Building up on the work of the ILDP, the EU further supported the financing mechanisms under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

Expected results from the ILDP project’s consolidation phase:

  • Functional development planning and management systems at sub-national levels which contribute to the better quality of life for the citizens and the integration of BiH to the EU;
  • Improved implementation of development strategies and service delivery at sub-national level;
  • Decreased economic, social and territorial disparities through coordinated approaches by national and sub-national actors;
  • Strengthened the overall absorption capacity (including IPA II financial resources) at local and cantonal government levels, and enabled additional financial resources to address development priorities and meet citizens' needs;
  • Increased the engagement of citizens in local public life and decision-making process, while exercising scrutiny over performances of their governments.

Financial contributors

Partner Amount (in US dollars)
Government of Switzerland $  5,060,729
UNDP $  404,858
Total budget
$  5,465,587

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