Interlinking Disaster Risk Management (IDRM)

What is the project about?


Damages caused by disasters are continuously increasing in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with climate change forecasts predicting an acceleration of extreme weather phenomena. They range from high-frequency small disasters to devastating events such as May 2014 floods that caused total of 2 billion EUR of losses and damages.

To deal with these, every-day more complex disasters, the country needs full implementation of  understanding that development efforts must be disaster proof and climate smart. Disaster risk reduction (DRR) sector in the country requires a strategic roadmap and actions strengthened with new tools and approaches.   

What we do?

Project goal is to increase of DRR policy and legal frameworks and implementation of disaster and climate risk management measures at all government levels to protect citizens. IDRM Project is financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Key activities:

  • Develop disaster response strategic capacity assessment and roadmap
  • Improve entity civil protection legislative framework
  • Improve local level disaster risk management through risk assessments and implementation of strategic DRR actions
  • Implementation of DRR measures in five municipalities Brčko Distrikt BiH, Laktaši, Maglaj, Lukavac, Zvornik

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