Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is the project about?

Disaster Risk Reduction Analysis System (DRAS)

Disasters adversely effect the economic growth of a country by jeopardizing the results of development and causing human casualties and environmental damage. Significantly increased losses caused by disasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) over the past decades - the effects of climate change manifesting through more frequent extreme weather events such as the May 2014 floods - signal that it is necessary to work on a comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction - DDR).

DRR is a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, preventing, and response to disasters based on understanding that disasters are result of poor developmental decisions. Resolving this problem is beyond the capacity of civil protection and involves all relevant sectors of society .Given that the management structure for DRR in BiH is decentralized and complex, inter-agency coordination and effective DRR remain a challenge.

The disasters BiH is facing are floods, landslides, forest fires, mines and unexploded ordnance, ecological/chemical contamination, earthquakes, extreme cold and snowfall and climate change.

What we do?

Since 2013, UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been implementing the project "Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina" funded by the Ministry of Physical Planning of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), the municipalities of the Federation of BiH, the Republic of Turkey and UNDP.

The project aims to support efforts to improve the disaster risk management framework with a special focus on strengthening of the resilience of local self-government units that are most directly affected by disasters and climate risks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The project relies on previous experiences and initiatives in the field of disaster risk reduction and other local initiatives in BiH, as well as UNDP's global expertise in disaster prevention and recovery.

The project is implemented through two components:

  • Improved environment for disaster risk reduction - strengthening of institutional and policy framework for DRR through support for efforts of Disaster Risk Reduction Platforms at state and entity level and elaboration of relevant plans and studies.
  • Strengthened disaster risk management at local level - Improving the resilience of local self-government units that are most directly affected by disasters and climate risks.

Expected Project Results:

  • Support to state and entity disaster risk reduction platforms
  • Support for the development of relevant plans and studies in accordance with existing policies and laws
  • Ensuring tools and support for DRR inclusion in development plans
  • Strengthening capacities for preparedness and response to disasters
  • Improving disaster risk assessment at the local level using new technologies
  • Realization of structural measures to reduce the risk of landslides and floods in 10 municipalities

What we achieved so far?

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