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Urban Rooms of Sarajevo

May 6, 2021

Urban Rooms of Sarajevo offers an inspiring journey through the public spaces of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo. The authors of this research – Nermina Zagora and Dina Šamić from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo – examine the historical evolution of public spaces in Sarajevo and map their accessibility, typology, scale, enclosure, urban activity and urban atmosphere. The book captures “the pulse” of urbans spaces in the city: depicts vibrant public areas and identifies urban voids and neglected urban spaces that lost their identify and spirit. Finally, the research offers a set of recommendations that help re-imagine urban spaces and transform them from urban voids into people-centred, lively and sustainable urban rooms of Sarajevo.


Authors: Nermina Zagora and Dina Šamić

Publisher: Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo

Illustrations: Dunja Krvavac

Graphic design: Mirna Ćesović

Proofreading: Juliet Walker

Publishing supported by: United Nations Development Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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