How to Start-up Your Community

30 Aug 2017

Ten-step Guide to Community Transformation

Public institutions usually solve problems through a linear process, based on public policy or regulation that offers little room for iteration along the way. The start-up philosophy is at the opposing end. It encourages mistakes and acceptance of failure and therefore successful start-up businesses are built through a series of iterations or prototypes. Start-up businesses are built using a design thought process approach whereby, “different facets of a problem are carefully dissected, particularly the insights from the very people affected by the challenges.”

Solutions are found through the development and testing of assumptions. It is a process constantly evolving and therefore creates responses to problems that are more agile. Public institutions and governments could benefit from looking at the experience and methodology of start-ups and, if they so desire, they could change the pace at which they test and execute new ideas. This would allow for more business-like development aimed at improving communities.

This guide is intended for people from all walks of life and offers ideas aimed at helping them to transform their communities for the better. It is also intended for public institutions and the people working in these institutions who may benefit from the guide. The guide is not a political manifesto, but it could serve those political parties looking to help their electorate and citizens through targeted community development.

This document aims to inspire individuals to help make their communities become better places to live. Essentially it brings the start-up mentality and community development closer. Starting up an initiative presents the opportunity to create one’s own future and provide security for family, friends and community. Yet the prospect of starting up an initiative that would have an impact on community development is both thrilling and daunting at the same time. There are many things to consider and this is why this ‘how-to’ guide outlines several steps on the path to achieving success. It is a roadmap for those willing to move their communities forward and provides a concrete and pragmatic set of tools that describe how start-up actions can transform communities.

This publication has been published within the project “Strengthening the role of local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina - MZ in BiH”, fi nanced by the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Sweden and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH. The contents of this publication, does not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Sweden, nor the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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