Non-contentious proceedings

14 Mar 2013

Judicial and prosecutorial system promotes and protects democratic values, peace, security and human rights.

Unfortunately, a substantial number of users of judicial and prosecutorial services do not have sufficient information on what going to court entails, information about legal procedures, or who to contact in relation to a specific case.  We understand that this lack of information can cause anxiety over visiting these institutions or in facing the situations which you do not think can be resolved without recourse to courts/prosecutorial services.

Within efforts to increase awareness and bring judicial institutions closer to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNDP BiH Access to Justice: Facing the Past and Building Confidence for the Future  created and published a brochure titled  “Guide for Non-contentious Proceedings”.

The aim of this publication is to provide information about the rules of non-contentious proceedings on personal, family, property and other rights and legal interests of individual and legal persons.  Easier access to legal information such laws and bylaws, and better understanding of the complex legal proceedings and procedures by the citizens leads to the better respect toward court decisions and greater confidence into judicial system. Furthermore, citizens will be able to comprehend functioning of judicial and prosecution system which will enable them to initiate and resolve court procedures in a simple and effortless manner.

Awareness of judicial and prosecutorial offices and their work is the FIRST STEP to your access to justice.

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