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BiH is heavily contaminated with mines, and nearly twenty-four years after the end of the conflict, BiH remains the most heavily mined country in Europe. BIH is also contaminated with explosive remnants of war (ERW), including cluster munition remnants.

In its latest Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) Article 7 transparency report, BiH claimed a total of 965km2 of mined area (1.97% of the total country size), across 8,525 micro-locations which have been defined, estimated to be laid with around 79,000 mines/UXO. A general assessment of the impact of mines / UXOs / cluster munitions in 129 cities / municipalities in BiH, identified 1,388 mine / UXO / cluster munitions impacted communities. Micro-location contaminated with mines / UXO / cluster munitions directly affects the safety of 545.603 inhabitants or 15% of the total population of BiH.

The mined area reported to Mine Action Review (see Table 1) also totaled 965km2 (as per BiH Article 7 report) but was reported to be across a total of 8,948 mined areas (8,141 SHAs and 807 CHAs). With the ongoing Country Assessment (CA) Project, financed by EU IcSP (Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace), BHMAC composed approximately 480 polygons for the future Land Release tasks. Polygons has been made out from mined SHA and CHA and the new information’s collected during the project implementation. Final information of the CA Project should be available during 2020.



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Since 1995, 1,766 persons were killed, out of which 617 with fatal outcome.
During the implementation of humanitarian demining operations in BiH, 132 deminers were killed, out of which 53 deminer was dead. In 2019, 3 mine incidents were reported in BiH, in which 2 person was killed, 4 persons injured.

Project Goals

The Mine Action Governance and Management (MAGMA) project assist to the mine action authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to increase transparency, improve planning capabilities and implement contemporary mine action standards for an accelerated pace of mine clearance. This is a capacity development project that will positively impact the country’s goal to achieve mine-free status in line with the provisions of the Mine Action Strategy and Ottawa Convention requirements. It is implemented through provision of technical assistance and advice, organization of knowledge-transfer events, extensive consultative process and intensive coordination at national and international levels. It is expected that the successful implementation of this project will lead to the following output: Communities and institutions empowered to address citizen insecurity and response to violence.


The Ministry of civil affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with UNDP support, has achieved the following results:

  • Re-establishment of the Board of donors in BiH;
  • Jointly with GICHD new National Mine Action Strategy 2018-2025 developed and accepted by the Council of ministers of BiH;
  • Development and design of the public awareness campaign (mobile application);
  • Development and design of the new information management (database) system for BHMAC (IMSMA Core).


Goals moving forward

  • Continuation of the provision of technical assistance and support to BHMAC and the Demining Commission for the formulation of BiH extension request to the demining deadline under the Ottawa Convention.
  • Support to the national mine action authorities in drafting Land Release related standards and SOPs.
  • Further improvement of the BHMAC information management system and the procurement of IT equipment for the easier daily activities of the operational personnel.
  • Continuation on coordinate activities for the Board of Donors sessions and act as a co-chair of the Board.
  • Engagement of the mine action advocates to promote implementation of the Ottawa Convention.

Mines still remain a major threat in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sustainable Development Goals targeted by CIAT



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Focus Area:

Justice and Security


Ministry of civil affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Union

Project value

US $ 750,000


Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH (Demining commission of BiH and BHMAC), European Union, the European Union Force in BiH (EUFOR), Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).


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