Halting Arms and Lawbreaking Trade (HALT)

Halting Arms and Lawbreaking Trade (HALT) is a targeted intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina that aims at improving the security and safety of the Western Balkans in the context of the implementation Roadmap for a sustainable solution to arms control in the Western Balkans by 2024. This intervention will result in the capacitation of the Indirect Taxation Authority to better detect and process illicit SALW trafficking. Apart from ITA, several other BIH institutions will profit from the project implementation including BIH Border Police, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and three postal agencies.

This intervention is tailor-made and seeks to address the needs of BIH outlined in several national strategies, including but not limited to national SALW Strategy 2016-2020 and respective action plan, national Strategy for fight against organized crime and the Strategy for Preventing and Combating Terrorism (2015 – 2020).

Project is implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UNODC.



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HALT Project Objective

Further increased safety and security within and beyond the Western Balkans through targeted actions aimed at improving BIH capacities to combat illicit SALW trafficking.


The need for this tailor-made intervention has derived from the BiH’s SALW Strategy and Action Plan aimed at combating illicit arms trafficking through improved tracking and control of civilian firearms exports, including measures targeting their import and transit as well as processing of thereto related crimes.  Furthermore, strengthening and using resources to combat illicit SALW trafficking by capacitating relevant institutions will reduce organized crime, domestic violence and terrorism, which constitute a key security risk that slows down the path to economic development. They represent the continuation of efforts on the part of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with UNDP and UNODC to reduce the risks that small arms and light weapons pose for all aspects of security.

Output 1: Enhanced IBM capacity of BIH to better fight illicit SALW trafficking through targeted assistance to ITA, Border Police and three postal agencies.

The targeted assistance to ITA, Border Police and three postal agencies will in each case result in their staff being better trained and equipped as well as their infrastructure improved to more effectively combat illicit arms trafficking.

Output 2: Strengthened cooperation and information exchange between BIH Customs and other institutions at national level and with three neighboring states.

The joint tripartite cooperation between ITA, SIPA and BP BIH will be in place with joint exercises conducted leading to strengthening IBM capacities to combat illicit SALW trafficking. Apart from inter-institutional cooperation in BIH, the cooperation with three neighboring countries, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro will also be improved leading to better coordinated actions to jointly combat SALW trafficking.


Sustainability of Results

The statements below reflect the sustainability of results beyond the completion of the HALT Project.

  1. Developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be institutionalized. It means the ITA management will endorse them and that 1,000+ ITA officials who underwent the HALT training on their content to process illicit SALW trafficking will be obliged to act upon them after the completion of the project.
  2. The developed procedures and conceptualized training will be included in the curricula for training of the new ITA recruits in the future.
  3. The procured detection equipment will remain in possession of ITA, the trained officials will use them in their daily work to better detect illicit SALW.
  4. For the first time, 35 BIH Border Police inspectors will receive training and equipment to process SALW-related crimes. This will ease the overall processing of SALW crimes and thanks to HALT project result in state-level Integrated Border Management (IBM) agencies being capable of processing these crimes, which now has to be directed to entity and cantonal agencies.
  5. The infrastructure at border crossings procured through HALT project will remain in the possession of ITA thus providing for better checks at borders and detection of illicit SALW.
  6. New contacts will be established and provide for better flow of information at operational level between three law enforcement agencies (nationally: ITA, SIPA and BP BIH) as well at decision-making level (at cross-border level with Customs of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia).

Sustainable Development Goals targeted by HALT



Start date:

March 2020

Estimated end date:

December 2021

Focus Area:

Justice and Security

Project Management

Edin Serezlic – Joint Programme Coordinator

Suad Baljak - Project Officer


The Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office  of UN agencies for the implementation of the Roadmap for a sustainable solution to the illegal possession, misuse and trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and their ammunition in the Western Balkans, by 2024

Project value and donors

Budget: USD 2,200,000 - UNDP (USD 1,111,061.00), UNODC (USD 1,088,939.00)

Germany, UK Government, Kingdom of the Netherland, Sweden, France and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Main Partners:

Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH, Border Police of BiH, SIPA (State Investigation and Protection Agency), Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Ministry of Security of BiH, Ministry of Transport and Communication of BiH.


Alignment with the Goals of Roadmap for a sustainable solution to arms control in the Western Balkans by 2024:

GOAL 2. By 2024, ensure that arms control policies and practices in the Western Balkans are evidence based and intelligence led.

GOAL 3. By 2024, significantly reduce illicit flows of firearms, ammunition and explosives (FAE) into, within and beyond the Western Balkans.

GOAL 4. By 2024, significantly reduce the supply, demand and misuse of firearms through increased awareness, education, outreach and advocacy.

GOAL 5. By 2024, substantially decrease the estimated number of firearms in illicit possession in the Western Balkans

GOAL 7 Significantly decrease the risk of proliferation and diversion of firearms, ammunition and explosives


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