Let’s Talk Equality: Beyond just a place at the table

This year, as we are about to mark for the first time the International Equal Pay day on September 18th, we should remember that this is not a celebration, it is not about pay gap alone. It is about…  

Lessons from the Pandemic

COVID-19 is also a virus of truth that has tragically revealed the weaknesses of the global and national order, manifested in the weaknesses of the health, political, economic, social and financial…  

GCF and GEF working together to ensure positive impact on climate change mitigation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blog post by John O’Brien, Regional Technical Advisor, Climate Change Mitigation and Siniša Rodić, Climate Change Mitigation Programme Manager about GCF and GEF working together to invest in energy…  

covIDEJA 2020 - The story of one ideaton and more than 100 ideas for a better today and tomorrow!

The individuals can make the world a better place, and six winning ideas of the “ideathon” covIDEJA 2020 are a living proof of that  

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