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Joint UN Programme: Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Joint UN DRR Programme will support the citizens of BiH, and in particular the most vulnerable groups and high-risk local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to prepare for, and adjust to,…  

Increasing Resilience of Livno, Mrkonjic Grad and Maglaj (IRLMM)

The project aims to support partner local governments (Livno, Mrkonjić Grad and Maglaj) to strengthen disaster risk management at local level by creating adequate planning and coordination mechanisms.  

Green Economic Development (GED) Project

The GED project contributes to the establishment of sustainable energy management system at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve…  

National Adaptation Plans in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The NAP project will enable the government to integrate climate change-related risks, coping strategies and opportunities into ongoing development planning and budgeting processes.  

EU STAR Project

The excessive stockpiles of ammunition and associated risk of an uncontrolled explosion, continue to pose a significant hazard to human safety and security in BiH. The EUSTAR Project aims to dispose…  


The “Competitiveness and Innovation: Local Development Strategies – EU4Business” Project aims to contribute to economic growth and job creation through support for competitiveness and innovation in…  

Catalyzing Environmental Finance for Low-Carbon Urban Development (URBAN LED)

The objective of the URBAN LED project is to leverage investment for transformational shift towards low-carbon urban development in Bosnia and Herzegovina thereby promoting safer, cleaner, and…  

Interlinking Disaster Risk Management (IDRM)

Project goal is to increase of DRR policy and legal frameworks and implementation of disaster and climate risk management measures at all government levels to protect citizens.  

Flood Recovery - Housing Interventions Programme

The Flood Recovery - Housing Interventions Programme represents the next phase in the EU’s efforts to alleviate the catastrophic effects of the 2014 floods. The intervention, launched in September…  

Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Projekt podržava napore na unapređenju okvira za upravljanje rizicima od katastrofa sa posebnom fokusom na jačanje otpornost jedinica loklanih samouprava koje su najdirektnije pogođene katastrofama i…  

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