Within the Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP) - "Buba-mara" nursery in Pale has been renovated

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"The conditions in the nursery are much better now. The premises are lighter and more airy, warmer and pleasant..... ", says Slavka Brezo, director of the Public Institution Center for Children “Buba-mara nursery”.

Childern are our joy, their laughter and play are the most valuable treasure of this planet. Projects such as renovations of nurseries are of particular importance for every community. The nursery in Pale municipality was renovated recently, which brought hapiness to chldren, their parents and all citizens of this municipality.

The nursery was built in the 80-ies, with a facade made of asbestos that were cancerous and falling apart and thus the building was not suitable for children. Given the poor conditions of the building, parents were hesitant to have their children enrolled in the nursery, which was the only public institution of this kind in the area. Children therefore lacked an opportunity to play and socialize with their mates.

Within the project “Improvement of quality of services in Buba-mara nursery” the building was renovated, and facade, doors and windows were replaced. The project was supported under the Financing Mechanism for Local Development in Republika Srpska (RS), a joint initiative of the RS Ministry of Finance, RS Ministry for Administration and Local Self-Governance, the RS Investment and Development Bank and the Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP), a joint project of the Government of Switzerland and the United Nations Development Programme in BiH (UNDP BiH). 

“This project is of significant importance for the nursery, for children, parents and the entire community. The conditions in the nursery are not much better. The premises are lighter and more airy, warmer and pleasent. Replacement of windows enabled the premises to get fresh air since it was not possible to open the windows before. The facade is also much nicer contributing to better look of the town. Now we have a building that is functional and that looks good“said Slavka Brezo, director of the Public Institution Center for Children “Buba-mara nursery”.

Reconovation of the building motivated parents to enroll their children into the nursery. Three years ago, there were 40 children in the nursery, which is five times less than today. Today there are approx. 200 children, from 6 months of age to third grade of primary school, enrolled in pre-school or daycare programmes. There are six groups with 170 of children included in full daily programme. In addition, some 30 children from socially vulnerable families attend three-months programmes free of charge.

“Not all of our capacities were filled last year, but now parents have recognised improved conditions for stay of children, which resulted in the increase in the number of children enrolled into the nursery” said Ms. Brezo.

Parents who brought their children to the nursery in previous years are happy with the changes. One of them is Vladimir Kezunović, who said: “We have been using the services of the nursery for two years and a half and we know what the conditions were before the reconstruction. The premises are now much healthier, tider and more pleasant, which makes children and parents happy.

Some 20 employees, 12 of which work directly with children, also state that is much easier to work in renovated premises.

“It is better now and the work with children is much easier. The playground has been repaired and the children can also play outside. The children are delighted, they love coming to the nursery and we have excellent cooperation with their parents “, said Boris Popić, teacher in one of the groups in the nursery. 

The employees state that the renovated premises now allow for implementation of new pedagogical programmes and gatherings of pedagogues from other towns, which was not possible before. 

This story shows how the ILDP, through the Financing Mechanism for Local Development, contributed to improvement of public services in the nursery. And this is just one of many stories that show how this Mechanism contributed to improved quality of life of citizens. In the first two cycles that were implemented in 2014 and 2015 the Financing Mechanism invested almost two million of convertible marks in 18 projects that provided benefits to over 120,000 citizens. More specifically, it enabled improvement of communal infrastructure and improvement of administrative, health and education services. In addition, it contributed to development of rural areas and income generation for over 700 rural households. The Financing Mechanism helped implementation of priorities set in strategic documents of the RS, contributed to improved inter-municipal cooperation as well as to exchange of knowledge and experience among municipalities and cities in Republika Srpska.

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