Housing Sector Opens Swiss Market Door Ajar

Nov 14, 2017

Fifteen reputable companies from BiH, whose main line of business is the furnishing of facilities, participated in the Business Forum.

Switzerland is one of the major foreign trade partners of our country. The economic cooperation and commodity exchange between these two friendly countries have recorded positive trends year after year; however, there is still ample room for strengthening their economic ties.

In order to utilise the ample potential of the diaspora for creating increasingly favourable conditions for the development and growth of BiH economy and for increasing the volumes of exports to foreign markets, the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska, the D4D project and SIPPO organised a business forum and B2B meetings in Zurich on 10 November 2017.

These BiH businesses had an opportunity to present their products, projects and business plans, and meet businesses from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as successful diaspora businesses to make specific business arrangements and establish long-term business partnerships.

"Given the fact that the wood processing sector has a significant share in the foreign trade exchange of our country, it is necessary to seek to ensure a sustainable growth of this sector through investments and incentives. For this reason, the Business Forum organised under the D4D project is a true example of an active measure aiming to support the development of this sector. Since our company is export oriented and already has a significant volume of its products in the markets of Western Europe, which accounts for 95 per cent of the value of its production, we hope to expand our presence to successfully include the Swiss market as well", said Sonja Gavrić, Chief Commercial Officer of Mega drvo doo Bijeljina, who participated in the Business Forum and added that the idea to organise a business forum was an excellent response to the challenges of the modern market.

Ms. Gavrić reiterated that the impact of the BiH dispora on the socio-economic development of our country has great potential in terms of contributing to social well-being through foreign trade, investment activities and many other ways of connecting national economies.

Mr. Amir Nezirić, the owner of ONIKS doo Mostar, agreed adding that the D4D project was significant for BiH economy as it was actively seeking to strengthen the congruence and positioning of businesses on the global market while involving different trade chambers, professional associations, international institutions and organisations, through which the overall initiative enjoyed high credibility and ensured better outcomes.

"Initiatives like this one certainly improve the visibility of BiH companies and their products, help open major opportunities in new markets and establish direct links with potential partners and clients and hence higher production and sale levels, said Mr. Nezirević noting that his company already operated mainly in the regional and a number of Western European countries and was seeking new markets for its products and services.

"As a result of this event, we hope to identify potential clients and partners in the market of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, on which this event focuses; at the same time, we expect to create new partnerships with companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina" added Mr. Nezirević.

It is noteworthy that one of the key partners for this event was the D4D project, a joint initiative of the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, the Swiss Government, UNDP and IOM aiming to increase socio-economic opportunities and perspectives for the people in BiH and improve their everyday living through a strengthened involvement of the diaspora.




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