LID Project: Results of the Public Call for participation in the program for supporting the production of cherries, strawberries and hazelnuts

Aug 15, 2017

Within the scope of “Local Integrated Development” Project (LID), the Public Call for the participation in in the program for supporting the production of cherries, strawberries and hazelnuts was announced on June  09, 2017 and closed on July 10, 2017.

The Public Call was opened to all interested individuals from the following areas of local governments: Mostar, Konjic, Orašje, Odžak, Domaljevac-Šamac, Šamac, Žepče, Čelinac, and Modriča.

The Evaluation Committee evaluated and graded applications against established evaluation criteria set forth in the Public Call.  The list of candidates, unanimously selected by the Evaluation Committee, to participate in the program for supporting the production of cherries, strawberries and hazelnuts is as follows:

No. Name



1. Svjetlana Janković Čelinac
2. Ljubinka Trivić Čelinac
3. Nikola Aleksić Čelinac
4. Velibor Popović Čelinac
5. Janko Trivić Čelinac
6. Nebojša Maglov Čelinac
7. Marko Đukić Modriča
8. Mićo Jović Modriča
9. Slavko Lejić Modriča
10. Jovo Stanić Modriča
11. Smail Berberović Mostar
12. Mirza Batlak Mostar
13. Izeta Tojaga Mostar
14. Adela Salčin Mostar
15. Ivo Knežević Orašje
16. Ruža Nedić Orašje
17. Anela Zlatarević Orašje
18. Drago Baotić Orašje
19. Ivo Zlatarević Orašje
20. Pero Karlović Orašje
21. Ivo Dominković Orašje
22. Ilija Krstanović Šamac
23. Nada Simić Šamac
24. Stanko Vasiljević Šamac
25. Marijana Džambo Žepče
26. Ivana Kajić Žepče
27. Mirjana Vidović Žepče
28. Dragica Vrbičić Žepče
29. Marina Sinanović Žepče
30. Snežana Tadić Žepče
31. Žaklina Jozinović Žepče
32. Marica Dragičević Žepče
33. Biljana Babić Žepče




























The Public Call was announced within the scope of “Local Integrated Development Project” (LID). LID project is a three-year initiative (2016-2018) primarily financed by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP in BiH), in cooperation with the State Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Federation of BiH, Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government of RS and two Associations of Cities and Municipalities.

LID project is implemented in 21 local self-governance units in BiH. LID project aims to raise the standards of living and social cohesion in Bosnia and Herzegovina through inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development. Within the component for economic recovery, LID project will directly support rural households in order to increase overall economic activity in targeted communities, and productivity of value chains resulting in the establishment of sustainable agricultural holdings and long-term sources of income for those households. Special focus will be given to the vulnerable categories of the population: returnees, internally displaced persons, households affected by floods in May of 2014, people with disabilities, Roma and other minorities, youth and women from vulnerable areas and long-term unemployed.

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