Public Call for Proposals for Companies from BIH to Apply for Grants Facilitating the Knowledge and Skills Transfer from Diaspora within the Diaspora for Development (D4D) Project

Aug 1, 2017

The Diaspora for Development (D4D) Project has launched a Public Call for Proposals for Grants Facilitating the Knowledge and Skills Transfer from the Diaspora in order to maximise diaspora's contribution to the economic development of BIH, through business-to-business knowledge and skills transfer, as well as interest-based interaction and exchange between businesses from diaspora and BIH, all of which ultimately translates into new jobs and investments. The Call for Proposals is to support projects aimed to contribute to the introduction of new technologies, improving of competitiveness, market growth, business expansion, investment increase in BIH and generating new jobs, all through productive business relations with diaspora.

All registered organisations/companies in BIH, either commercial and/or profit, non-profit/NGO, private and public educational institutions, regional or city development agencies, chambers of commerce, technology parks and other are eligible to apply. Direct beneficiaries within this Public Call are exclusively private business entities operating in BIH. Priority is given to direct project beneficiaries operating within one of the following competitive sectors: manufacturing (wood processing, metalworking, textiles, footwear and leather, plastic processing, food processing, etc.), agriculture (excluding individual farmers), information technology and tourism. Applications of companies operating within other value-added businesses will be also considered if all other expected objectives of this Call are met.

The available fund under this Public Call amounts to USD 470,000. The maximum amount of financial support per beneficiary is USD 20,000, while the minimum is USD 5,000. The applicant/beneficiary is expected to ensure co-financing of at least 20% of the required amount of financial support.

Project proposals must involve the diaspora, that is, include the contribution of diaspora in the knowledge and skills transfer. All proposed project activities must be completed within a period of 12 months from the date of signing of the contract/cooperation agreement.

The Public Call remains open until all funds are disbursed with final evaluation deadline of 30 April 2019. The evaluation of the submitted proposals will be done every two months. The first evaluation is on September 30, 2017.

This Public Call is one of the activities within the project Mainstreaming the Concept of Migration and Development into Relevant Policies, Plans and Actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Diaspora for Development (D4D). The project is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MHRR), Embassy of Switzerland in BIH, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a planned 48-month implementation (December 2016 - December 2020). The main objective of the project is to increase socio-economic opportunities and perspectives for women and men in BIH, and to improve their livelihoods through increased diaspora engagement.

More information is available HERE.

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