Diaspora for the economy of the Srebrenica region

Jul 21, 2017


The roundtable session “Diaspora for the economy of the Srebrenica region” held in Srebrenica, emphasized the need for a more intensive participation of the diaspora in the development of the municipalities of Srebrenica, Bratunac, Milići, Vlasenica, and Zvornik, and increased partnership between the private sector of The Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). This was the first in a series of roundtables sessions regarding the cooperation with the diaspora, which is organized within the scope of the BIRAČ 2 project, funded by the Government of The Netherlands, and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH. Around 25 participants from the diaspora and BiH, representatives of the Birač region municipalities, representatives of the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in BiH, and UNDP BiH have attended this event, and discussed the role of the diaspora in the future development of BiH and the Birač region.
“This roundtable session on future cooperation with the BiH diaspora is an excellent opportunity for all interested parties to discuss potentials for investing in new businesses and opening new jobs in this area, which could have a great impact on all people, especially youth, in Srebrenica and the Birač region,” said Mr. Alexandre Prieto, BIRAČ 2 project manager.

“Cooperation with the diaspora is the best way for this country to recover. Diaspora invests in great assets to BiH, and therefore it is extremely essential for the development of this region,” said Ms. Loes Lammers, Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands in BiH.

During the round-table session, the participants presented the successful projects which were initiated together with the diaspora in Srebrenica and the Birač region, as well as the plans for future business activities.

According to Desnica Radivojević, Advisor to Major of Municipality Srebrenica, the opening of processing plant for milk and meat, and production facilities of LED lighting, confectionery, and solar collectors are planned in Srebrenica. In addition, he announced that in next three years, the investment of 53 million KM to Srebrenica is expected, mostly from the European Union. This will enable direct employment of 250 and indirect employment of 500 people.

Next roundtable session “Diaspora for the economy of the region” is planned on 8 August 2017. In September, a conference will be organized with more than 100 businessmen from the diaspora are expected to participate.

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