Preliminary results of the mercury initial assessment in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented

May 17, 2017

Ms Nermina Skejović-Hurić Expert Advisor at Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Project „Strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina Decision-Making Towards Becoming a Party to the Minamata Convention and Build Capacity for Implementation of Future Provisions (MIA)”, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF),  organized the First meeting of the Working group on mercury in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Activities of the MIA project implies establishment of this working group with an aim to assure technical assistance and institutional support to the relevant institutions from all levels in BiH.

As a part of the process of BiH accession to Minamata Convention, it is necessary to determine the quantities of mercury in BiH. In October 2016, as a part of the UNDP project, the activities on mercury initial assessment have been initiated.  The preparation of inventory implies quantitative determination of amount of mercury in products such as: various measuring devices, batteries, light bulbs, tooth fillings, coal and mineral ores used for heating and for industrial purposes as well as waste and various emissions.

At the first meeting of working group the preliminary results of the mercury initial assessment were presented. The research included data collection from various public institutions as well as private enterprises and those with public-private ownership. The research revealed that the most significant sources of mercury in BiH are: coal, various measuring devices and metal industry (alumina production).  The preliminary results were presented in order to get feedback information regarding the improvements of obtained results. The representatives of relevant institutions from sectors of health, environment protection, customs, economy, industry, mining and energetics took active participation in this meeting.   

Ms. Nermina Skejović-Hurić, Expert Advisor from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, informed the participants on activities of the Ministry regarding BiH accession to the Minamata Convention and expressed her expectations that this process should be finalized by the end of this year.

On this occasion, Ms. Skejović-Hurić emphasized that: “BiH is already a member of the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam conventions. By accessing the Minamata Convention,  BiH will cover all the conventions related to the chemical management. By doing so, the Country contributes to the achievement of Global sustainable development goals which recognize and emphasize the importance of appropriate chemical and waste management practices. Inadequate chemical and waste management lead to the environment degradation, hamper the management of natural resources, increase the negative consequences of climate changes and influence the sustainable usage and production of various goods for every-day consumption”.

In order to improve the results of the mercury inventory, the forthcoming Project’s activity includes  mercury analysis in collected samples of coal and metal ores.   
Ms. Amila Selmanagić Bajrović, Project Manager, thanked to the participants for their active participation and given suggestions on information included in the preliminary mercury inventory and emphasized that: “Mercury inventory represents key activity for preparation of mercury national profile and Report on Mercury Initial Inventory in BiH in order to secure smooth implemention of the Convention in the future."

The MIA Project supports Bosnia and Herzegovina in conducting the Mercury Initial Inventory in order to determine the requirements and needs of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Accession to the Minamata Convention and establish the basis for future activities towards the implementation of the Convention.


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