Finalized methodology for mapping biomass potentials in BiH

Apr 20, 2017

The Bioenergy Joint Program, under auspices of Ministry of foreign trade and economic relations of BiH, today has organized the second meeting of the work groups in hotel Blanca at Vlašić mountain. The final version of the methodology for mapping biomass potentials in BiH has been presented to the representatives of relevant institutions from all levels in BiH. Final version of the methodology has been prepared based on the comments from the previous meeting of the working groups.

Information on available and requiring data from the relevant institutions in BiH has been presented at the meeting while issues on availability and validity of existing data has been discussed during the separate sessions for representatives of forestry and agriculture sectors.

Wood biomass potentials represents a significant part of overall biomass potentials of BiH. Activities of UNDP project „Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security”, financed by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA) are focused on mapping of the wood biomass potentials which will be conducted in accordance with commonly agreed methodology.

The Bioenergy Joint Program coordinates the activities of the projects of three international agencies from the field of bioenergy in BiH: USAID EIA project (Energy Investment Activity), UNDP BiH (Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security) and GIZ (Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in BiH).The main goal of joint program is to identify and contribute to the improvement of key aspects of bioenergy sector in B&H, all in close cooperation with relevant institutions in B&H.


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