Law on Development Planning and Management in FBiH supports the public funds spending for the real needs of the citizens

Apr 11, 2017

The building of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, credit: PFBiH

Adoption of the Law on Development Planning and Management by the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) paves the way not only for faster and more coherent socio-economic development, but also for harmonised development planning and management at all government levels in FBiH.  The law-making process has received strong support from the Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP), a joint project of the Government of Switzerland and the United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP BiH).

Ms. Regular Babler, representative of the Swiss Embassy in BiH, sees that the establishment of a coherent planning system will lead to more active involvement of citizens in the development processes. She also finds that the law will help channelling limited public funds, available to the governments at all levels, to meet real priorities stated by the citizens.

„FBiH has not had a real legal framework for the development management. This law will now fully regulate the subject matter, in line with the best standards of the European Union. It defines objectives and principles of development planning and management in FBiH, including both cantons and local governments. It also prescribes responsible bodies, the process of development planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of strategic documents“, stated Mr Mato Jozić, FBiH Minister of Justice.

„This law means a systematic approach for better development management in FBiH, which is particularly important in view of the forthcoming preparation of the FBiH Development Strategy, a key document that is lacking and should be developed in the nearest future. The situation at cantonal and local level is much better. Today,  9 out of 10 cantons and almost 6o percent of local governments have adopted development strategies “, said Mr. Ljubiša Đapan, Director the FBiH Development Planning Institute.

„The forthcoming period will see the development of the methodologies that will serve as guidance to relevant institutions in practical application of the Law. However, in order for the law to be successfully implemented institutional framework must be put in place and capacities of stakeholders for planning and managing development must be strengthened across all levels in FBiH. ILDP will strongly support these processes“, underlined Ms. Aida Laković Hošo, ILDP Project Manager.

The Law on Development Planning and Management emerged as a result of the efforts invested by a working group co-chaired by both the FBiH Ministry of Justice and the FBiH Development Planning Institute, comprising also representatives of all government levels in FBiH. ILDP supported interaction of relevant stakeholders and provided technical assistance in the process. Additional support was provided by the USAID-funded project „Strengthening Institutions and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (USAID/SGIP).

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