Presented comparative analysis of wood biomass quality on BiH's market

Apr 6, 2017

Project team of the UNDP project „Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, financed by the Czech Development Agency, took participation at the Third Energy Summit organized from 4th to 6th April 2017 in Neum.

Ms Amila Selmanagić Bajrović, Project manager, presented the preliminary results of the „Comparative analysis of wood biomass quality on BiH's market“. The focus of the analysis is on suppliers and end-users of wood biomass, comparative analysis of the BiH standards and EU demands in terms of wood biomass quality, and assessment of project impacts on issues related to wood biomass quality at BiH's." The analysis will be conducted in two periods, 2017 (on-going) and 2019 (as final year of the Project implementation).

In the forthcoming period, it is necessary to intensify activities related to knowledge-increase of wood biomass suppliers on issues related to contracting and supply based on the energy content, promotion of domestic standards of wood biomass quality as well as work with large distributers and improvement of strategic framework in order to regulate inspection of pellets“, was pointed out by Ms Amila Selmanagić Bajrović.

Within the Summit, Ministry of foreign trade and economic relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina organised the Second meeting of Coordination group in cooperation with UNDP, GIZ and USAID. Issues related to dynamic plan for activities within the bioenergy sector, ongoing activities, and criteria for selection of projects of production and utilizations of energy produced from biomass were the topics of the discussion within this meeting.

The Bioenergy Joint Program coordinates the activities of the projects of three international agencies from the field of bioenergy: UNDP, GIZ and USAID EIA. The main goal of joint program is to identify and contribute to the improvement of key aspects of bioenergy sector in BiH, all in close cooperation with relevant institutions in BiH.

Production and utilization of energy produced from wood biomass represents one of the potentials for achieving the sustainable local development that could contribute to generation of new jobs, utilization of residuals from forestry and agriculture production, increasing of the competitiveness of the local economy, energy supply security, environment protection and neutral carbon emission.

The goal of the UNDP project „Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which is financed by the Czech Development Agency, is to contribute to the improvement of local population living conditions by supporting the exploitation and utilization of wood biomass through strategic action, establishment of the wood biomass value chain and awareness raising of general public on benefits from using this renewable energy source in order to achieve long-term CO2 emission reductions.

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