Germany Finances Destruction of More Than 2.4 Million Pieces of Ammunition

Mar 31, 2017

Federal Republic of Germany invests 250,000 Euro in disposal of 2.4 million pieces of SALW ammunition and up 35,000 pieces of mortar and artillery ammunition to assist BiH Ministry of Defense in establishing a sustainable ammunition stockpile management.

Ambassador of Germany in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christiane Hohmann said after the signing of the agreement that this is the fourth time that Germany puts its resources at the disposal of the EXPLODE + Project and that so far Germany has donated 850,000 euros for the purpose of disposal of obsolete and unsafe surplus ammunition. She reminded of the fact that UNDP, with the support of Germany, in 2016 dispose among other, more than 6.5 million pieces of SALW ammunition.

The financial resources will serve for disposal of ammunition that is on average about 35 years old, and therefore it is unsafe and detrimental.

Ambassador Hohmann appealed to the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to dispose of surplus obsolete and unsafe ammunition and explosives in a quick and efficient way, using financial support from international donors.

Resident Representative of UNDP in BiH Sezin Sinanoglu noted that the entire BiH, unfortunately, is covered with chemically extremely unstable ammunition that is very dangerous for the lives of citizens. “Destruction of this type of ammunition has been one of the perennial targets of UNDP, and in this effort, the Federal Republic of Germany was one of the most prominent partners of UNDP”, Sinanoglu noted.

UNDP Resident Representative emphasized that, in the context of the EUFOR Master Plan intervention for the disposal of ammunition in BiH activities that are being conducted are extremely important, and all these activities are carried out with partners such as the European Union, OSCE, USA, The Netherlands, etc. UNDP Resident Representative thanked the Ministry of Defense of BiH and the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany for their continued confidence in UNDP as a reliable partner in leading the efforts that aim to ensure a safer environment for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Western Balkans region and the world.

Assistant Minister of Defense of BiH for Procurement and Logistics Borislav Jezeraskic pointed out that the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH treat the issue of ammunition demilitarization of and explosive devices as a priority.

“We have recognized UNDP as one of the most effective partners in tackling this problem, but nothing could have been possible without the financial resources of the EU, especially Germany, which on several occasions, between the two projects, provided funding that enabled the continuation of the activities,” Jezeraskic said.

He reminded that in 2013, BiH had 17,000 tons of surplus ammunition and explosives and that the number has now been reduced to about 10,000 tons.

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