Results of the Small Grants awarding under the Building and Consolidating National Capacities for Conflict Prevention project

Mar 21, 2017

Under the framework of the “Building and Consolidating National Capacities for Conflict Prevention” project, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Call for Proposals was opened in December 2016. The Call was published for online small-scale media outlets, providers and individuals (including bloggers and individuals who are active on social media) to submit proposals for small grants awarding. The Call was closed 30 January 2017.

We would like to thank all the applicants for the dedication and efforts shown in preparation of the proposals, as well as the high number of submitted project proposals (136 full applications), as well as ideas focused on exploring, investigating, showing and promoting stories on one or more of the following or other related areas and values: 

  • Peace and trust building
  • Equal rights for all
  • Respect for the different (other)
  • Bridging of educational divides
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Fight against hate speech and radicalization
  • Multi- and inter-culturalism
  • Building and enabling democratic processes
  • BiH path towards the EU integration
  • Political participation of and role of women in decision-making
  • Free thinking and critical analysis of thinking or behavior that would undermine any of the above listed values
  • Breaking-point issues relevant to the specific local community(es) which require detailed investigation
  • Any other issue pertaining to the current affairs/breaking news commentary (touching upon any of the above listed values or themes)

With the high number of applications, the evaluation process lasted longer, and the evaluation committee feels privileged to have had the opportunity to get acquainted with numerous great ideas from the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Due to the limited funding available, as stated in the public call, eight (8) was chosen to be funded with 5000 USD, with the total available funding of 40,000 USD.

Out of 136 proposed initiatives, it is our pleasure to announce that the following 8 stories/ideas was selected for granting:

  • Cyber Bosanka: “BH Ljudi” / BH People;
  • BH Studenti:  multimedia proposal with two stories: “Studying problems for students with disabilities” and “Studying through the lens of my colleague”;
  • Aladin Kavgic: “Sjenke”/”Shadows”
  • Moja Hercegovina Portal: “Multimedia reporting on the issues of human rights and position of women and marginalized groups in East Herzegovina”
  • Global CIR: “Pozitivni Balkan”/ Positive Balkan
  • Sayber DOO: The Loft Radio: “Loft Online Radio/Video magazine: start-ups connecting youth”*
  • Anesa Abadan: “Malo sam drugaciji/ I am a little bit different”
  • Srdan Puhalo Blogging*(action-oriented blogging)

The focus of this call was on supporting existing independent small-scale online media outlets to scale-up or to increase their internal capacities for content production and dissemination, as well as to strengthen individual, social-influencers’ voices and their reach out, when speaking up on issues relevant to the their communities and environment.

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