Strengthening regional cooperation in prosecution of war crimes and search for missing persons

Feb 14, 2017

During today's regional meeting on war crimes prosecutions and search for missing persons at the Croatian State Prosecution Office, the State Attorney General of the Republic of Croatia, the Chief Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Head of the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor in Serbia and the Deputy Chief State Prosecutor of Montenegro talked about strengthening regional cooperation in the prosecution of war crimes.

They discussed regional cooperation and the need to improve the search for missing persons, which is why the Deputy Minister of the Croatian Defenders, the Head of the Croatian Directorate for Detained and Missing Persons, the representatives of the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the President of the Commission for Missing Persons of the Republic of Serbia attended the meeting as well.

The participants discussed the cooperation so far, as well as challenges in the current and future cooperation. They pointed out the need to respect different legal frameworks and national legislation and strategies, as well as the so far achieved standards and criteria in the prosecution of perpetrators of war crimes. At the same time, they agreed on continuing and improving the cooperation, the need for constructive communication and exchange of ideas for more effective prosecution of perpetrators of war crimes in accordance with the international standards and the  standards of the European Union, but also a more efficient and faster way of finding and identifying missing persons, as well as achieving justice for victims in order to strengthen their trust in the judicial systems of all the countries in the region.

Today's meeting was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the framework of regional support for the prosecution of perpetrators of war crimes and improving the search for missing persons.


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