Civil society, helps better integration of marginalized groups in BiH in cooperation with local communities

Dec 16, 2016

Realization of the CSO projects has started through the initiative of Strengthening of the role of local communities in BiH

A joint project of the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Sweden „Strengthening the Role of Local Communities in BiH“ implemented by UNDP in BiH, will finance 27 projects of civil society organizations (CSOs) selected on the basis of a public invitation for CSOs from 13 partner municipalities and cities, which have been proposed as priorities for local communities in the field of social inclusion at the citizens' forums.

The contracts were signed yesterday in the UN building in Sarajevo with the non-governmental organizations for 18 projects worth about BAM 227,000, which form the first group of projects financed from the Fund for Local Initiatives.

„We will implement the project titled „Rekli smo mi, pokaži se i ti” (We said it, and you should to), and the general objective of the project is the economic empowerment of women with disabilities in the local community Ljeskovac in Bijeljina.“ said Tanja Milinković, the executive manager of the Association of Women with Disabilities – Impuls, from Bijeljina.

„Namely, this project was initiated by citizens at the forums held in the city of Bijeljina as a priority for the local community. For many years association has engaged in producing handicrafts through hand weaving and jewelry making, which involved mostly people with disabilities, and in recent years the emphasis was put on the inclusion and empowerment of women, which will be the focus of this project“, she added.

Implementation of these activities is a key materialization of cooperation between civil society and local communities in their operational objectives, and one of cornerstones of the work of local communities in addressing the specific needs of citizens.

“In the municipality Ključ the project Strengthening the Role of Local Communities has already achieved a good result, and strengthened the role of local communities in our municipality. This was achieved primarily because all the members and volunteers from the local communities that were involved in the project had the opportunity to undergo a series of trainings to develop the capacity and strengthen the structures of local communities, and through forums citizens got a chance to decide on the priorities in their local communities for the first time”, said Azra Kujundžić, the president of the youth center Kosmos from Ključ and coordinator of the project Strengthening the Role of Local Communities on behalf of the municipality Ključ.

The project „Strengthening the Role of Local Communities in BiH“ is a joint initiative of the governments of Switzerland and Sweden implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Ministry of Justice of the Federation of BiH, the Ministry of Administration and Local Government of RS, the Government of Brčko District and entity associations of municipalities and cities.

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