Swedish government continues to support reduction of energy costs

Nov 23, 2016

Additional 720,000 EUR will be added by the Government of Sweden to the current project on energy efficiency in public sector buildings, to ensure continued and increased reduction of energy costs in the public sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, BiH spends about 20 percent of its GDP on energy, which is three times more than in European countries. Savings of up to 50 percent to public budgets can be achieved by strengthening of the capacity and reducing energy costs in the public sector.

An Amendment worth 720,000 EUR, to the Agreement of “Green Economic Development – GED” programme, in the field of energy efficiency, was signed on 23 November 2016 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH and the Government of Sweden, making the total Sweden´s contribution to the programme over 5.5 million EUR. This is result of previously defined objectives, as part of the ongoing cooperation of the Government of Sweden and the UNDP.

“Green Economic Development – GED” which UNDP implements countrywide is supported by the Government of Sweden since 2015 and this Amendment will enable introduction of energy efficient measures in more public buildings in 2017 and ensure piloting of energy efficiency in public lighting systems in BiH.

"I believe that the new activities in terms of modernization of public lighting, will in short time show tangible results and serve as a good example for the implementation of similar projects across the country," said Sezin Sinanoglu, UNDP Resident Representative in BiH.

After signing the contract, the representative of the Swedish Development Cooperation, Ms. Marie Bergstrom said:

“Sweden is firmly committed to support projects that protect environment and reduce negative impact of climate change, such as this project. It supports a sustainable platform for energy efficiency in Bosnia and Hercegovina.  This project brings better comfort in renovated buildings but also saves the public budget, creates new jobs and protects the environment”.

The GED programme, worth 11.8 million EUR, is implemented since 2014 by UNDP with the support of the Government of Sweden, and in cooperation with the project partners: the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Environmental Protection Fund of the FBiH, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of the RS as well as cantonal and entity ministries.

Overall, the project contributes to scaling up of energy efficiency in the public sector buildings across Bosnia and Herzegovina and creates favourable environment for future investments in energy efficiency.


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