First 50 years of UNDP: Poverty eradication by 2030 - the Organisation's priority goal

Jun 25, 2016

Marking 50 years of UNDP at Wilson Promenade in Sarajevo (Photo by UNDP BiH)

Today, at Wilson Promenade in Sarajevo, near the UN Building, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has held the first in a series of 5 events for citizens, commemorating a half-century since its founding and 20 years of its operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The UNDP is a global development network of the United Nations (UN), which is present in almost 170 countries and territories.

 Marking 50 years of UNDP at Wilson Promenade in Sarajevo (Photo by UNDP BiH)

The Organisation focuses on three universal areas: people, planet and prosperity. UNDP around the world, including in BiH, works to eradicate poverty and reduce social exclusion which, in the universal order, constitutes part of the fundamental progress platform.

For two decades, the UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been committed to assisting the country to strengthen its local capacities to implement political, economic and social reform and development, which are primarily based - through a number of ongoing projects -  on social inclusion and eradication of poverty, with the support of its international partners in development, which is the Organisation's priority goal by 2030.

 Marking 50 years of UNDP at Wilson Promenade in Sarajevo (Photo by UNDP BiH)

Last year, the reconstruction of 150 public buildings in BiH for 500,000 citizens helped improve direct health care services, administrative services, education and legal aid. Also, 180 utility infrastructure projects were implemented.
"In 2015, the UNDP in BiH, with the support of partner, created and maintained more than 3,600 jobs, while more than 10,000 persons increased their income. Also, thank to various projects, the UNDP in BIH improved the quality of and access to public services for almost a million of BiH citizens. Now that we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of UNDP and 20 years of the UNDP and development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I wish to send a special message of gratitude to all those who have worked with us and who continue to work towards meeting the development goals for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina", reiterated Ms. Sezin Sinanoglu, resident coordinator of the United nations in BiH and UNDP resident representative in BiH.

 Marking 50 years of UNDP at Wilson Promenade in Sarajevo (Photo by UNDP BiH)

Today's all-day event at Sarajevo's favourite promenade was abundant in a variety of events and performances. Among other things, fully in line with its mission and long-term goals that support youth initiatives, the Organisation hosted ten young and talented students and academic painters.

Guided by their own creative vision, these talented young people made remarkable canvases that portrayed UNDP projects in BiH. Small organic food producers, who had started their production thanks to UNDP development projects, also exhibited their products.

The event at Wilson Boulevar was broadcast live via the radio and portal of the Radio Sarajevo.

This summer, upcoming events are expected in Banja Luka, Mostar, Trebinje and Bihać.

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