EU Supports Flood Recovery Efforts

Aug 13, 2014

undp DRR continues with her visit to flood affected municipalities

Zahira Virani, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Deputy Resident Representative, continues with her visits to municipalities and cities that had suffered severe damages in floods that hit Bosnia and Herzegovina this spring. In her two-day official visit on August, 13th and 14th, Ms. Virani will visit Banja Luka, Doboj and Maglaj, meet with government representatives and sign a memorandum of understanding on continued cooperation and joint work on mitigating the consequences of catastrophic floods. 
Thanks to the initiative and funds of the European Union, through the Flood Recovery Programme, works will take place in the field of reconstruction and rehabilitation of public facilities, residential buildings, demining and disposal of waste, restoration of sanitary and water infrastructure, and the implementation of measures aimed at economic recovery of affected local communities. 
Doboj and Maglaj are among communities that have suffered irreparable damage during the floods, and are in need of help to normalise the situation in these communities. Therefore, funding from the European Union in Doboj will be directed to rebuild the primary school, secondary school centre, the Health Care Centre and Doboj Municipality, as well as the reconstruction of premises in two Doboj kindergartens. Parallel activities will take place in Maglaj on reconstruction of two primary and one secondary school, the Health Care Centre and the Maglaj Municipality, including reconstruction of the kindergarten. Funds for reconstruction in Maglaj were also secured by the European Union. These facilities are but a start of works in Doboj and Maglaj, to be followed by wider reconstruction. 
In order to enhance coordination in reconstruction, on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014, Ms. Virani will sign framework Memoranda of Understanding with the Mayor of the City of Doboj, Mr. Obren Petrović and the Mayor of Maglaj Mr. Mehmed Mustabašić. Completion of works on all facilities is planned in the shortest time possible.
On Thursday, August 14th, on the second day of her official visit to flooded areas, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative will visit Čelinac Municipality, which suffered from floods in May, but also last week. On this occasion, she will meet with the municipal Mayor Mr. Momčilo Željković, to discuss possible activities and help for this community.
Bearing in mind that floods had directly or indirectly affected 46 municipalities and cities, and nearly one million residents in BiH, assistance efforts had moved from humanitarian to a far more demanding stage of reconstruction and recovery. Therefore, in the future, and thanks to the initiative and donor funds, UNDP will continue implementing actions to help communities in need.