Financial Sustainability of Local Government Training System in FBIH

Jul 26, 2014

Decision on co-financing mechanism for training of employees and elected officials in local governments

During the 119th regular session held on the 12th of July 2014, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBIH) announced the decision to ensure financial sustainability of the training system for employees and elected officials in local self-governments through a co-financing mechanism.

Financial sustainability has been set as a priority matter within the Local Self-Government Training Strategy in the FBIH, in order to ensure sufficient financial resources for successful functioning of the training system beyond the lifecycle of the Municipal Training System (MTS), a project primarily funded by Sida and implemented by the UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In line with that, the Government of the FBiH established in July 2013 an inter-institutional working group and tasked it with drafting of a decision on financial sustainability.

Upon the analysis of the current financial contributions for training by local self-governments, financial needs in terms of recommended number of trainees, as well as of the price of training per person, the working group performed a careful review of three potential co-financing models, in order to select the one based on the following principles: redistribution of existing resources, cost efficiency and solidarity.

The UNDP and the Association of Municipalities and Cities of the FBIH assumed technical and advisory role in the process of drafting the decision.

More information on the decision (in official languages of BIH) is available in the “Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” No. 50/7/June 25, 2014/ under the following link: