Public Call in the Republika Srpska Aims to Support Local Development Priorities

18 Jul 2014

The RS Investment and Development Bank (IRBRS) launched a public call for cities and municipalities of the Republika Srpska to apply with their local development projects worth up to BAM 100,000. Open, competitive process enables access to funds made available within the new financing mechanism. 

The IRBRS published a public call in line with the agreement on establishment of a new financing mechanism made in March 2014 between the RS Ministry of Finance, the RS Ministry for Administration and Local Self-Government, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the IRBRS.
“This partnership initiative aims to provide effective support to realisation of local priorities in line with development priorities of the RS and as such is a long-term instrument to “bridge” development efforts of the local and RS level. The emphasis is on targeted support to development projects that originate from local development strategies and are therefore based on legitimate needs of local communities”, said Adela Pozder-Čengić, Rural and Regional Development Sector Leader at the UNDP BiH.

By 15 August 2014, local administrations of the RS can submit projects that are identified as priorities in their local development strategies and that focus on either of the following two areas:
- Improvement of access and quality of service delivery by local governments;
- Economic/agricultural development in rural areas.
Local administrations are required to co-fund projects with at least 20% of direct project costs. In total, BAM 700,000 is made available within the financing mechanism operated by the IRBRS. 

More information on the public call is available at the IRBRS website or the link below: 

In order to enable access to local development funding for local administrations in the Federation BiH, UNDP and SDC are working closely with the designate ministry of the FBiH Government towards the establishing of a similar financing mechanism in the FBiH, which is envisaged to be in place before September 2014.