Another 50,000 Doses of Vaccines for the Livestock Distributed in Flooded Areas

Jul 2, 2014

The livestock in flood-hit areas got 50.000 more doses of vaccines.

Thousands of livestock were directly affected after catastrophic floods affected the territory of BiH. In order to save the livestock and maintain its productivity, it is compulsory they undergo vaccination against anthrax, tetanus, and other diseases. 

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) already provided 90,000 doses of vaccines in June this year, and another batch of 50,000 has been distributed this week, rounding the total figure to 140,000 doses. The vaccines were purchased with funds provided from the USAID and the Kingdom of Norway donations. 

The distribution of vaccines already began in four cantons of FBiH and the affected areas in the RS, in coordination with the Unit for Civil Protection of FBiH and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Water Management of RS.