UN Aid Continues to Arrive

May 30, 2014

Preparing aid for flood-hit areas at Sarajevo airport

United Nations delivered 90 tons of the most essential emergency items, equipment and supplies to Bosnia and Herzegovina and is leading coordinated floods response of international community.

In the first days of the floods UN agencies obtained 5.5 million USD and already delivered 3 million worth of aid, emergency items and supplies to 22 flood hit municipalities. UN OCHA, IOM, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR, WHO and WFP provided food, water, medicines, water pumps, purifiers and generators for population in flooded areas, in close coordination with the state Ministry of Security, governments at all levels, Civilian Protection, local communities and NGOs countrywide. Flood-relief funds were provided to UNDP by the USAID, Embassy of Norway and the Netherlands to accelerate response in the most affected areas.

Recovery phase is ongoing in all areas where the water receded.

Surveying and certification of suspect mine area worth 1 million USD is done by UNDP in cooperation with the mine action organizations, to ensure safe recovery of communities affected by floods and landslides.

Helping farmers save what is left of the planting season and protect their livestock is one of major priorities. The following few weeks are crucial to repair the devastating damage to their crops and farms. UNDP is working closely with designate ministries, farmers associations and businesses to purchase seeds, fertilizers, livestock feed and vaccines to overcome potentially long-lasting negative effects on local economies.

The rapid needs assessment has been launched by the UN, European Union and the World Bank to help country identify the level of damage as well as assistance needed to rebuild communities and its economy affected by the natural disaster.

Rebuilding communities and helping local economies, farmers and SMEs to get back on their feet will be challenging task in the period to come. UN Agencies stay committed to helping people of Bosnia and Herzegovina overcome this crisis.