Drinking Water for Residents of the Village of Pridjel Gornji

May 27, 2014

Returnee village Pridjel Gornji, Doboj. Water will help clean-up...

The Bosna River flooded homes and households, leaving 2500 residents of the village of Pridjel Gornji without water for days.
Unprecedented flooding destroyed all water pumps in the village of Pridjel Gornji, nearby Doboj. Thanks to a generous donation from the Government of Norway, three pumps were bought and urgently delivered to 350 households, eagerly awaiting drinking water. Running water will normalise life in the village to an extent, and allow all its inhabitants to proceed with clean-up after this major flood.
UNDP has distributed much-needed face masks, rubber boots, gloves and shovels in Doboj, Samac and Odzak, as well as 1,500 litres of chlorine-based disinfectantsm, thanks to a donation from the Government of Norway.
This assistance is part of the joint efforts of donors and international organisations in overcoming the consequences of unprecedented natural disaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina.