Regional Ecological Centre Opens in Bugojno

Apr 9, 2014

Participants of the Training Holding the Certificates Assigned for Their Work in Independent Lab

On the 04th of April, 2014 a roundtable conference was held in the premises of NGO „Eko element“ in Bugojno on the topic: „Possibilities and ways of cooperation between key actors of the local communities of river Vrbas basin with the purpose of sustainable management of water resources as the natural and economic resource of the region“. The event was attended by the representatives of nongovernmental and private sector and the municipal administration from the basin of river Vrbas.

After completion of the roundtable conference, the mayor of the Municipality Bugojno and the director of NGO „Eko element“ Bugojno thanked the participants for their attendance and delivered the certificates to the participants of the training for their work in independent lab, after which they officially opened the Regional Ecological Centre.

Regional Ecological Centre is designed to serve as a venue for lectures aimed for young activists from naturalistic organisations and high school students about the potentials of river Vrbas and the importance of sustainable development. Furthermore, it will serve as a venue for lectures aimed for tourism workers, businessmen, and employees of public administration and local self-governance units about the benefits of introducing the technologies of “clean production”, economic and development potentials of river Vrbas and other activities aimed at strengthening the awareness of the need to preserve the river Vrbas.

The goal of the project "Vrbas-our rivers", implemented by NGO "Eco element” within the framework of the UNDP project "Clean Vrbas", is the development of potential of the Vrbas River through its preservation as a natural and economic resource of the region, but also the establishment of continuous monitoring of the water quality of river Vrbas, businesses and local water supply, and the presentation of best practice regarding the definition of possible solutions and directions for development of sustainable water management in the region.

The implementation of the project activities that will be implemented by September 2014 was made possible thanks to funds provided by Government of Japan, UNDP and Coca Cola BiH in cooperation with the municipalities of river Vrbas basin.