Workshop Held on Developing Logical Matrix and Budgets for Allocations within the Migration and Development Fund

Mar 26, 2014

Participants of the workshop “Developing Logical Matrix and Budgets for Allocations within the Migration and Development Fund” discussing the issues which were the topic of the workshop.

In the period from March, 19th to 21st 2014, a workshop was held in Sarajevo on “Developing Logical Matrix and Budgets for Allocations within the Migration and Development Fund”, within the UNDP’s Migration and Development Project, aimed at informing the representatives of local governments about potentials of migrants from BiH in relation to the development of their country, and the ways to utilise these potentials for the purposes of local development through preparation of projects with an emphasis on migration component.
The workshop was attended by 27 representatives from 10 partner local governments (Jajce, Ključ, Laktaši, Ljubuški, Maglaj, Nevesinje, Posušje, Prijedor, Sanski Most and Velika Kladuša). The participants were introduced to the institutional and legal framework in BiH related to migration and development, as well as socio-economic and statistical data on BiH diaspora.
According to Mr. Amer Mezetović, the Coordinator for Cooperation with the Diaspora in Sanski Most, it is essential to create a favourable investment climate and a conducive business environment where entrepreneurs from the diaspora would have a return on their investments in the shortest time possible. Mr. Mezetović also believes that the main advantage of Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in its skilled and competitive workforce. However, it is necessary to proceed with ensuring systemic solutions to problems and simplifying of administrative procedures.
“The very concept of the Migration and Development Project will greatly assist all local governments involved in the project. First of all, we expect to acquire certain knowledge and skills and gain the necessary experience in order to further build own capacities for institutional cooperation with the diaspora. I am pleased that the diaspora has now been recognised across the country as a development component. It is necessary to adopt specific mechanisms and tools to restore this cooperation, as, unfortunately, the diaspora is generally dissatisfied with the country’s approach to them. So from the lowest levels of government, we are now trying to restore the confidence lost, considering that the life in all its aspects actually takes place in the local community”, he added.
Funds in the amount of 30,000 U.S. dollars for projects within each local government unit will be secured by UNDP’s Migration and Development Project, implemented thanks to the financial assistance of the Office for Cooperation of the Embassy of Switzerland, in partnership with the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, while the remaining funding will be secured by local governments from their budgets.
The aim of the Migration and Development Project is to contribute to establishing a favourable environment for migrants who are willing to promote and proactively support the development of the country in the areas of transition and social and economic progress at all institutional and social levels. According to the project outputs, by mid-2015, strategic plans of the ten selected local governments will have included priorities related to migration and development for the first time.
At the same time, capacities of relevant institutions at the relevant levels of government will be strengthened, in addition to identifying the most important elements for defining and validation of the concept of integrating migration and development in complementary action plans at all levels of government in BiH.
This 2-year project comprises three components: integration of the concept of migration for development into development strategies in ten selected local governments in BiH; capacity building of relevant institutions in the field of migration and development, and defining a common strategic framework and guidelines for long-term action in the field of migration for development.