DW World Stories: UNDP Story on Weapons Collection in BiH

Mar 10, 2014

The UNDP story on weapons collection in BiH, the second story produced by the Bratislava Regional Centre, in co-operation with the Bosnia and Herzegovina country office, was aired on Deutsche Welle TV WORLD STORIES.


On this edition, we head to Bosnia-Herzegovina to see how weapons left over from the bitter conflict there are putting communities at risk. We take a look at how people in Guatemala are using recycled waste to build schools. We visit street vendors in Egypt who are blocking roads to sell their goods.

And we learn about an interesting -- and surprisingly simple -- idea that's transformed the lives of rice farmers in Bangladesh.
Bosnia and Herzegovina -- a violent legacy

Almost two decades after the end of the Bosnian war, an estimated one in five people in the country still owns an illegal weapon. UN figures indicate that illegally fire arms are involved in ten violent crimes a week. Experts hope a national weapons collection programme is will help reduce that number. UNDP tells us more.


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