Via Dinarica won 2014 Travel Award for the Best New Trail

Mar 5, 2014

A hiker on the Via Dinarica Trail in the Balkans. Photo: Vladimir Popovic/Getty Images

The Via Dinarica central trail won 2014 Travel Award for the Best New Trail by the choice of famous Outside magazine. The explanation extracts the Prenj-Čvrsnica-Vran region in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From August to November 2013, through project “Walking the Via Dinarica”, the pioneer expedition walked the trail from Albania to Slovenia aiming to create inventory of touristic resources along via Dinarica path and present the beauty of the nature of this little-known part of Europe to the rest of the World, as well as to identify priorities for future actions.

The Dinaric Arc is a region of south-eastern Europe encompassing some 100,000 km2 and more than 6,000 km of the Adriatic Sea coastline, from the city of Trieste (Italy) to Tirana (Albania).  The region hosts in western Bosnia being the largest karstic field in the world. Towards the southern end of the region, the Prokletije Massif and the “Albanian Alps” are among the wildest mountains in Europe. The Dinaric Arc hosts important freshwater ecosystems and wetlands of international importance, such as the Neretva delta (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia), and Skadar/Shkodra lake (Montenegro/Albania). The river Tara, which flows through Montenegro into the Drina, is well known for forming a long and wild canyon which is the second deepest in the world, after that of the Colorado.

The Adventure Tourism Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ATA BiH) conducted the project “Via Dinarica Walk” for the purpose of promoting this region and identifying development needs and potentials for regional tourism offer of the Via Dinarica. This project is financed by the UNDP and USAID Offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the support of UNDP Montenegro, UNDP Croatia and Oxfam Albania.

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