The Development of Democracy and Institutional Reform in Southeast Europe: Successful story from BiH

Feb 4, 2014

Mr. Samir Omerefendić, LOD Project Manager

In January 2014, European Commission, in close cooperation with international organization Partners for Democratic Change International (PDCI), organized seminar: “The Development of Democracy and Institutional Reform in Southeast Europe: EU Enlargement in practice”.

On this occasion, examples of best practices and reforms from Southeast Europe that were implemented within the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance, known as IPA 1, have been presented.
As an example of good practice, UNDP’s project Reinforcement of Local Democracy (LOD III) was recognized, within which previous experiences of implementation of this project in 40 municipalities and cities in BiH have been presented.

During the presentation of a successful example of the Municipality of Tešanj in terms of accomplishing progress and cooperation with civil society, Suad Huskić, mayor of the municipality, in the course of the seminar, pointed out the importance of this project in terms of establishing better cooperation and services provision to the citizens.

“It is very important that such successful stories are coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, like that of the LOD project, and that they are being noticed and presented regardless of the current political challenges present in BiH”, said Mr. Huskić, emphasizing that such practices and projects indeed deserve international attention and support.

Mr. Samir Omerefendić, LOD Project Manager, said that he was particularly pleased because this project has been recognized as an intervention for the establishment of institutionalized and greater quality cooperation between local government and civil society and he also thanked the European Union for their support and recognizing the LOD project as an example of good practice. In addition, he also pointed to the possibilities of replication of LOD project to other countries in the region so that the financing of civil society organizations could be performed in a transparent and inclusive manner.

In addition to the representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Henk Visser, Programme Manager of European Union also addressed the audience and on this occasion he explained the IPA 2 planning process, as well as the steps in 2014 that are necessary to be undertaken so that IPA 2 could be implemented in the countries of the region.