Launch of Support to All 10 Cantons to Advance Their Strategic Planning and Strategies’ Implementation Capacities

Jan 21, 2014

Initial steps towards paving the way for a harmonized approach to cantonal development planning were successfully accomplished by the Una-Sana and Western-Herzegovina cantons in the framework of the UNDP Integrated Local Development Project, financed by Swiss Government/SDC. These processes brought together local and cantonal governments in the participatory creation of the 2014 – 2020 cantonal strategies and generated sustainable administrative solutions for establishment of a development management system at the cantonal level.

During a meeting organized in Sarajevo, representatives of all 10 cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed their interest and readiness to step jointly into a process of strengthening their institutional and regulatory framework related to strategic planning and strategies’ implementation. Based on the initiative and request for support by various cantonal governments and the FBiH Development Planning Institute, the Swiss Government provided financial resources to address this strategic planning demand in partnership with the UNDP.  

In the period 2014 – 2015 the successful experiences accumulated throughout the pilot cantonal planning processes will be further replicated within 8 cantons interested to start design of their integrated strategies. In addition, assistance will be provided to all cantons with regard to strengthening institutional capacities for strategies’ effective implementation, project skills and setting the grounds for effective development management systems at the cantonal level. Ultimately, these efforts will result in a more coherent strategic planning framework in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where strategic priorities and their follow-up implementation are more effective and closely aligned across government levels.

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