Promotion of Student Research Projects on the Topic "Water for Life"

Dec 2, 2013

United Nations Development Programme and the Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo implemented project "Raising awareness of the student population on water rights and responsibilities" of eight elementary schools in the Canton Sarajevo, during the period November – December 2013.

Closing ceremony of the project, which is aimed at connecting young people through education and research on water, was held today in the Primary School "Aleksa Šantić". On this occasion, the students presented the project proposals, which they prepared with their teachers.

Researches that students conducted during the preparatory activities have shown that the situation in most schools is pretty bad when it comes to basic sanitation. Water leaks, outdated sanitary equipment, humidity, problem with drainage, etc.

To improve the situation, the students prepared a series of activities which include raising awareness of water saving importance, as well as specific projects such as recovery of sanitation node and the use of rainwater as sanitary water in schools.

"All schools have recognized that in addition to environmental problems this presents a health and economic problem. In the coming period, UNDP in partnership with its partners will seek to support schools in the realization of these projects, "said Igor Palandžić, UNDP project manager.

At the end of the ceremony, all schools were given certificates and young people had the opportunity to socialize and share experiences, but also the chance to send a common message to the citizens of Sarajevo on the need for rational consumption and preserving water quality.