Myth or Reality - Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nov 7, 2013

NHDR Panel Discussion

Eighth National Human Development Report Rural Development: Myth and Reality was presented at the UN House to domestic and international expert audience, representatives of state and entity institutions in charge of local development and the media.

Human Development Report has a unique role revealing the real picture of the situation and identification of the common, often unfounded assumptions. Seven key recommendations were identified that came out as a result of the research and the analysis of the situation in rural areas conducted by UNDP, can serve as guidelines for the activities of the relevant institutions in the future.

"During the report creation process we came to the conclusion that there are many myths about these issues, which should be exposed in order to create a route to advancement", said Yuri Afanasiev, UN Resident Coordinator  and UNDP Resident Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Steve Goss, lead author of the report pointed out that unemployment is a very serious problem in BiH, but also noted that it is not just a problem in rural areas. "Improving the management and administration should be the top priority for the entire country, including its rural areas. Good management will be able to effectively intervene and ensure solid base for economic growth both in urban and rural areas."

Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina Report looks into opportunities for employment and decent remuneration for people who live in rural areas. The report also deals with access to health care and education and the question of the importance of rural life is in agriculture.

"Rural development is 21st century phenomenon. Worldwide people are migrating from countryside to cities. In order to try to find solutions that will not, a priori, be stopping such migration but indicating potential wealth of the rural areas, this report addresses the processes taking place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is why the report is primarily significant for policymakers but also for those who participate in the creation of wealth" said Goran Zivkov, consultant and team leader for the report.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has to date published  over 600 human development reports in more than 140 countries.