International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Oct 13, 2013

Every year, based on the resolution of the UN General Assembly from 2009, International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is marked on the October 13th. This day is dedicated to the fight on reducing the risk of natural disasters.

Every decision and action we take can make us more vulnerable to disasters or, if we consider the consequences of disasters, make us more resilient. We often forget that even when we are not directly affected by the disaster, it affects us indirectly (for example, increases in food prices due to the destroyed agricultural land). We all have to be engaged in reducing disaster risk reduction.

Unfortunately, in 2013 we have again witnessed fires and floods, and all the deficiencies of the system for responding to natural disasters in BiH. Without preventive action and coordination of all levels, national to the local, damages caused by natural and other disasters will not be reduced, and investment in the development and progress of our community will be continually threatened," said Amela Ćosović - Medić , Head of the Justice and Security Sector at UNDP.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Security and other key stakeholders is helping Bosnia and Herzegovina become more resilient to disasters and crate safer environment for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UNDP, through the project Initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction in Bosnia and Herzegovina" will  support prevention activities, such as development of platform for disaster risk reduction, whose primary goal is shifting the focus from response and bringing together different institutions that need to work on prevention. Recognizing the role of local communities that are “on the front line” and the shortcomings of their capacity, the projects will work to build resilience of local communities.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina particular problem is coordination between multiple levels of government and the many actors who need to work in order to prevent and respond to disasters, the project will support the strengthening of coordination of preparedness and response to disasters.

Responsibility for reducing the impact of disasters lies on all - from the government to each of us individually. There are many ways we can help ourselves once we realize the importance of activities that contribute to reducing the impact of disasters. We can start with informing ourselves on procedures in the event of a disaster, follow regulations for legal construction and use high quality materials, because one day it can save your life or significantly reduce potential damage.

So far, the UNDP through its activities supported the adoption of the Framework Law on Protection and Rescue of People and Property from Natural or other Disasters, and development of Risk Assessment of Bosnia and Herzegovina to natural or other disasters.

To mark the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction, Ministry of Security of BiH will hold a press conference on Monday, 10/14/2013 in its premises at 11:00 am at which representatives of the Ministry of Security and UNICEF in BiH will present the results of a joint project and campaign "Ready - Saved" , whose aim was to improve the knowledge of children and families , about how to behave in risky situations and prevent the risk of natural and other disasters.