FBiH Environmental Fund and UNDP continue energy efficiency projects

Sep 23, 2013

The Co-sharing Agreement between the FBiH Environmental Fund and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed in Sarajevo provides grounds for further development of the ongoing activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency in Federation BiH, primarily in the public buildings sector.

The FBiH Environmental Fund and UNDP are planning to implement EMIS in more than 400 buildings throughout FBiH (education institutions, hospitals, municipal administration buildings, etc.) including the Environmental Fund’s building. EMIS is a web-based application used for monitoring and analysis of the energy and water consumption in more than 500 public buildings throughout the country.

During the following weeks, the Fund and UNDP plan to conduct thorough energy audit in 11 public buildings. Results of these audits and the evaluation of potential savings will result in implementation of infrastructural energy efficiency measures worth up to 400,000 BAM in at least two of the selected buildings.

Resulting from the implementation of the energy efficiency measures at the selected public buildings in the Federation of BiH will be followed by infrastructural measures in at least two public buildings. The value of these activities will amount to 400,000 BAM.

UNDP and the FBiH Environmental Fund will conduct additional 30 detailed energy audits and implement energy efficiency measures and increase use of renewable sources of energy in buildings of the greatest economic, energy, environmental and social relevance. In addition, the Fund and UNDP will continue to raise awareness on benefits of energy efficiency.
A goal of such cooperation between the FBiH Environmental Fund and the UNDP is to provide for a long-term, sustainable development and strengthening of Fund's capacities. This cooperation will enable the FBiH Environmental Fund to improve its performance with regard to its primary role – investments into activities needed in order to implement the environment protection policies and goals in the Federation of BiH, and thus to contribute to the improvement of the state of environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To date, UNDP implemented 38 energy efficiency projects worth 3.8 million US dollars in cooperation with entity, cantonal and municipal authorities, ensuring annual savings in energy costs of about 700,000 US dollars.

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