Municipalities of Tuzla Canton Signed the Energy Charter

Jun 19, 2013

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with USAID Enterprise Energy Efficiency (3E) Project and Tuzla Canton Municipalities and Canton Tuzla organized the Conference to mark the start of “Energy Efficiency Year Tuzla Canton” activities.

To actively promote energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and energy management in public buildings and communal systems, the thirteen Mayors of Tuzla Canton municipalities and Tuzla Canton Prime Minister signed an Energy Charter that oblige them to promote sustainable energy future in their municipalities.

Within the “Energy Efficiency Year in Tuzla Canton” UNDP and USAID 3E will focus their efforts on strengthening the capacities of the municipalities in Tuzla Canton to determine baseline energy consumption and recommend an energy management structure.

Energy management is a process of continuous monitoring of energy consumption in order to detect and correct excessive energy consumption, all of which results in a decrease of the costs spent on energy. These activities will create a systematic energy management approach in one BiH region that can be replicated throughout the country and create a climate for investment in the field of energy efficiency.

Also, a comprehensive public outreach campaign is planned and will include setting up Energy Efficiency info points, a Student Energy Club, an educational TV series, a school curriculum entitled “Think of Tomorrow”, workshops on “Green Office Practices” and a media campaign.

Ms. Zahira Virani, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative stated that the planned energy management project activities will enable the Tuzla Canton municipalities to effectively manage their energy consumption, reduce energy related costs in public buildings, and provide them with skills and techniques to make better decisions related to energy efficiency.

“UNDP will support the creation of a clear energy management monitoring and reporting structure based on our energy management software (EMIS), and based on experience gained from our projects implemented since 2010 - which so far have contributed to annual budget costs savings of 660,000 USD. This will enable municipal and cantonal authorities to follow and implement a systematic energy saving approach in the public building sector. In addition, the Energy Charter will encompass all those activities and support the creation of a sustainable energy management system in the Tuzla Canton municipalities.” Zahira Virani added.

The ultimate goal of the UNDP Energy and Environment Programme in BiH is to fundamentally change the understanding of environment and energy management approaches in the country, from the current perception of being rather a burden to an important current and future country development asset. Therefore, UNDP focuses its support to ensure that Bosnia and Herzegovina has the human and financial resources to sustainably use its environmental and natural resources, that it meets EU Acquis and creates green jobs, resilient economic growth and sustainable livelihoods for its population.

Since 2010 UNDP has made a significant contribution in promotion of energy efficiency in BiH. The focus has been given to the introduction of energy efficiency in the public building sector across Bosnia and Herzegovina by implementation of 38 energy efficiency infrastructure projects (total investment 3.8 million USD) and applying EMIS (Energy Management Information System) into more than 260 public buildings. These activities resulted in annual CO2 emission reduction of about 2,200 tonnes, total annual costs savings of 660,000 USD, better living quality, creation of “green jobs” (660 men months), increased awareness and understanding of energy efficiency and its resulting benefits.