UNDP Supports the BiH Federation Environment Fund

Jun 4, 2013

The first Cost-sharing Agreement (CSA) signing ceremony between the BiH Federation Environment Fund and UNDP BiH was held in Sarajevo on 4th June 2013 in the UN building. Mr. Yuri Afanasiev, UNDP Resident Representative, and Mr. Safet Harbinja, Director of the BiH Federation Environment Fund, addressed the media.

The CSA refers to activities that, for quite some time already, have been implemented to help mitigation and adoption to climate change, i.e. activities supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s transition to low carbon-emission development. These activities will determine national strategies and enable the relevant authorities in BiH to make decisions on policies and investments that refer to its international obligations, development priorities and goals in the context of climate change at both international and local level.

Four projects are to be designed to support activities on CO2 emissions mitigation, focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The joint project to increase energy efficiency in public buildings in the BiH Federation will be implemented this year.

“The BiH Federation Environment Fund and UNDP BiH will further focus to increase energy efficiency and energy management activities in order to mitigate CO2 emissions. We will soon start a jointly-funded programme that will contribute to the creation of good environment for the implementation of energy efficiency activities” – stated Mr. Harbinja.

The aim of cooperation between the BiH Federation Environment Fund and UNDP BiH is a long-term and sustainable capacity development and strengthening of the Fund. This cooperation will enable the BiH Federation Environment Fund to be even more efficient in fulfilling its obligations in policy-making and the implementation of environment goals in the BiH Federation, and thereby significantly contribute to the overall improvement of environment in BiH.